More than 60,000 incidents of flytipping in Scotland occur every year – that’s almost 170 every single day, and that’s just the incidences which are reported.

Flytipping is not a victimless crime.  It is estimated that it costs council tax payers more than £8.9 million every year to clear up flytipping from council land.  Farmers and other land managers have to meet the cost of clearing rubbish dumped on their land and this is costing them around £1,000 each year too.

The Fixed Penalty Notice for flytipping in Scotland is £200.

As with other forms of littering, dumping waste is illegal and can lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £40,000.  That’s something worth avoiding!

What can you do?

  • Give your waste to your local council waste collection service, take it to your local recycling centre or civic amenity site, or use an authorised waste carrier.  You can check who is authorised on the SEPA website.
  • Report incidents of flytipping to your local authority so they can report it and deal with it.
  • Read more about what Zero Waste Scotland is doing to tackle flytipping nationally.

To find out about the proper waste disposal facilities available in your area, please visit the Recycle for Scotland website.

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