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Everyone can help to keep Scotland's bathing waters clean, whether you're on the coast at home.  Here's our top tips on doing your part.


Not only is dog poo unsightly, it also carries bacteria. Leaving your dog’s poo on the beach ‘to wash away’ can affect the water quality for swimmers, paddlers and beach users.

Always bag it and bin it – any bin will do.


Gull poo can affect water quality, just like dog poo.  Chip wrappers, ice-cream cones and other types of litter attract gulls as they are easy sources of food for them. Combined with people feeding the birds, the population of the gulls in the area increases and as a result more poos end up in the water. To help tackle this, you can:

  • Don’t feed the gulls – this helps to reduce aggressive behaviour too,
  • Always bin your litter or take it home to recycle.

Through our burns, rivers and drains, litter often finds its way downstream to our oceans, with a staggering 80% of marine litter coming from land. No matter how far you are from the beach, always bin your litter.


Join a beach clean near you

We’re working with community groups including: Fisherrow Waterfront Group, Eskmuthe Rowing Club and Environmental Volunteers Ayrshire to support local beach clean events in our #MyBeachYourBeach locations. Check out their pages for details of upcoming events that you can get involved with.

Our Clean Up Scotland campaign supports communities all around the country to tackle litter in their area. Check what's on near you or organise your own Clean Up event.


Get in touch

Are you a local resident or business in Ayr, Portobello or Musselburgh and want to get involved with the #MyBeachYourBeach campaign in Summer 2019?

  • Request a #MyBeachYourBeach pack for your business or community group with stickers, posters and leaflets.
  • Discuss ways you can tie in with the #MyBeachYourBeach campaign.
  • Got a comment, suggestion or idea? We'd love to hear it!

For more information contact us at info@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

Case Study

One of our key ambitions at Keep Scotland Beautiful with our Clean Up Scotland campaign is to bring communities together to generate pride in their local area to preserve natural beauty for generations to come. Someone who has embodied that ambition is ‘The Nation’s Favourite Litter Picker’ Ian Cassidy, who has helped transform Stevenston beach in North Ayrshire since he started cleaning there in 2013, and has now picked his one millionth piece of beach litter.

Read Ian's full story.

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