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Community inspired Dog Share Stations

How can you encourage dog owners to Clean Up?

Communities around Scotland have tackled the problem of dog fouling in different ways; some great examples are described below. While our October report on Local Environmental Quality showed an overall improvement in dog fouling, there is no room for complacency. There is much more to do to eliminate the problem, with many areas still identifying dog fouling as their top issue.

What have you done in your community to tackle dog fouling? – share your photos, ideas and results on our Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of the ways used to address the issue and encourage owners to Clean Up, perhaps you will see a method which may suit your community?

Find out more Visit the Dog Fouling section of the Clean Up Scotland website.

Erskine Community Garden

This group have created fabric dog bag dispensers, which they use to distribute bags to dog walkers. This encourages dog walkers to take ownership for their dog’s waste and Clean Up after their pets. The scheme has been so successful that it was extended. The latest version of the bags are currently being made using a water-resistant fabric. A template for the dispenser will be available in the near future.

Erskine Community Garden Dog Share Bags

Brighter Bothwell

Created their own bespoke dog bag dispenser which they called ‘Bobby’s boxes’. With the support and help of the local authority they have installed the dispensers in their neighbourhood and have had success in encouraging owners to Clean Up. With help from Tenants Association of Coatshill and Thornhill who constructed the dispensers, which were filled with bags supplied by the local authority. A sign on the dispenser encourages owners to Clean Up after their dog and bin the waste and offers a bag if they have forgotten theirs. A team of volunteers look after ‘Bobby’s boxes'.

Brighter Bothwell dog bag dispenser

East Haven Together

Created their own bespoke dog support station. With the support of the local authority, they installed their station at East Haven beach and have seen a dramatic decrease in dog fouling. Using a wooden fence post, installed with a post holder, they added a dog bag container. The sign encourages owners to add or use bags as required and to bin the waste. They have also added a container with dog biscuits, a water bowl and a dog toy box, again encouraging toys to be used and added.

East Haven Dog Share Station