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Got two minutes?  Of course you have...

Here is how you can do a #2MinuteCleanUp:

1. Find just two minutes in your day.

2. Take a bag and look for litter, on your walk to work, to school, to the shops or while walking the dog.

3. Pick it up and bag it. Then recycle or bin it on the go, or when you get home.

You can make picking up litter the social norm instead of dropping it.


#2MinuteCleanUp bags

To help make your #2MinuteCleanUp as effective as possible we can send you a handy litter collection bag. To get your hands on one of these bags, fill in this form and send it back to


To make your individual actions have as big an impact as possible, why not:

  • Take a picture of your litter haul and post it to your Twitter page. Tag @CleanUpScotland and #2MinuteCleanUp
  • Email us at to let us know you are taking part
  • Encourage others not to litter and tell them about the potential £80 fine
  • Ask your friends and family to do a #2MinuteCleanUp too
  • If you are doing a Clean Up at the beach you can take part in a 2 minute beach clean, which inspired our idea to pick up litter from any space in two minutes.

Let's Clean Up Scotland, two minutes at a time.   Together we can make Scotland the cleanest country in Europe.


Get inspired

Suzy Gow has made a #2MinuteCleanUp part of her daily walk and is making a massive difference to her local area. Suzy commented: “I’m happy that I am able to do my little bit to keep my neck of the woods a bit cleaner and safer. And that’s what the ‘Clean Up Scotland’ campaign is trying to promote. If we all do our little bit in our own neighbourhood, then everyone benefits.”