Flourishing Forth

Flourishing Forth - community spirit
Entrant Category: Large Village
2018 Medal

Silver Gilt

Silver Gilt

The project is community funded and led and tackles ecological and sustainable issues within its district to enhance the environment and improve the community, both for its people and its landscapes. The group works alongside local groups, local authorities, volunteers and various other groups in and around the Forth, creating a great sense of belonging and community. The 'Eco-Site', which is situated at Hailstone Green Park, has community organic growing beds and three poly-tunnels. The site generates its own power through solar panels and harvests its own rainwater. The group primarily uses the site for organic vegetable growing, flowers for the street displays, and to hold group workshops. It is also used by various community groups which include the Haven and the Primary school.

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Frances McGurk

2018 Portfolio
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