Cove in Bloom

Entrant Category: Urban Community
2018 Medal

Silver Gilt

Silver Gilt
2018 Awards Garden for Life Biodiversity Award

Cove in Bloom works hard throughout Cove and Altens, to improve the area with both hard and soft landscaping. As part of the group’s theme it provides reminders of the heritage of the area, and has sculptures made from oil industry parts, horse-drawn ploughs and a pony cart for the farming industry, three standing stones for quarrying, and a statue of Isie Caie (the last fishwife in Cove) has been completed this year. The group is working alongside the Cove Woodland Trust to purchase and maintain a stretch of land for the benefit of the residents and visitors to Cove, including the wildlife.

In 2018, Cove in Bloom won the 'Garden for Life Biodiversity Award' for the Woodland Walk:

Work on the one-mile woodland walk, which lies next to land being purchased by the Cove Woodland Trust began four years ago. Mike Duncan and members of the Cove in Bloom group opened up the route by clearing out undergrowth which had become unruly over time.  Mike regularly spends 30 plus hours doing voluntary work on the woodland walk. Children from two local primary schools routinely spend time on the walk, doing project work including painting benches and building bird boxes.  Mike has even created an area where the children learn to climb trees!  All the materials used for benches, bird boxes and raised planting beds are either recycled or have been donated by local companies. The area is well used by the community and will eventually form part of the coastal path network.


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