Brighter Bothwell

Brighter Bothwell
Entrant Category: Small Town
2018 Medal


2018 Awards Small Town Trophy
Haddington 700 Award

The group’s aim is to enhance the environment through the endeavours of local volunteers. The ethos of the group can be summed up as ‘Let’s just do it’. Brighter Bothwell is a team effort and, from its outset, has sought to involve local people, businesses, schools, churches, other community groups, local authority staff and others who share its aspirations.

The group organises litter picks, provides colourful floral displays, plants bulbs, weeds, prunes and plants. It encourages dog owners to pick up poo and raises awareness of cigarette butt discarding. The group also encourages schools to include planting and biodiversity when working on their green eco flag awards.

In 2018, Brighter Bothwell won the 'Haddington 700 Award' for the Bothwell Horticultural Society:

Bothwell Horticultural Society was inaugurated and held its first show in 1842. Despite gaps between 1882 and 1923 and during World War II, the ‘Horti’ remains a key group in Bothwell today and, in 2017, the Society’s Flower and Produce Show celebrated 175 years since its inauguration. In 2000, a group of members decided that Bothwell was in need of some TLC and set up Brighter Bothwell as an action group. The links between the Horti and Brighter Bothwell remain strong.

Contact Details
Sheena Walker
01698 852595

2018 Portfolio
Find out more about the year-round activities of the group

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