Cumbernauld's Bloomin' Wild

Beautiful Cumbernauld
Entrant Category: Small City
2017 Medal

Silver Gilt

Silver Gilt
2017 Awards Garden for Life Biodiversity Award

Cumbernauld has a wonderful mosaic of natural and managed habitats which are cared for by a wonderful mosaic of people. Cumbernauld community, organisations and the local authority help to improve greenspaces through a range of activities, for example, having fun, tree planting, orchard and wildflower meadow creation, management of pollinators, horticulture, removal of non-native invasive species, building homes for wildlife, litter picking, seed bombing, pond creation, education, path maintenance, wildlife surveys, pond dipping, and practicing ‘Leave No Trace’. Cumbernauld’s Bloomin’ Wild aims to use fun volunteer days and activities to build an appreciation for local spaces and a desire to care for them for years to come.


In 2017, the group won the 'Garden for Life Biodiversity Award':

An exemplary approach to biodiversity was demonstrated by this group in all three core pillars of Beautiful Scotland’s campaign. Activities include: the new, fully accessible Badger Trail at Palacerigg Country Park; work to eradicate New Zealand Flatworm at Ravenswood LNR; the attempt to build the world’s longest bug hotel and survey it to find out the species using it; working with a local developer to create and enhance woodland buffer strips; and the engagement, consultation and inclusion of local people in biodiversity projects throughout the city.

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Tracy Lambert
01236 617113

2017 Portfolio
Find out more about the year-round activities of the group

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