Blairmore Village Trust

Blairmore Village Trust
Entrant Category: Coastal Village
2017 Medal

Silver Gilt

Silver Gilt
2017 Awards Keep Scotland Beautiful Award

Blairmore Village Trust began in 2007, improving the local environment and quality of life for residents and visitors. For the groups’ 10th anniversary celebration in 2017, it has entered the Beautiful Scotland competition. Central to the groups’ entry is a large area of neglected land which sits prominently at the centre of the village. The Trust successfully bought the land in 2014, with support from the Scottish Land Fund. The land is currently being developed in phases to incorporate landscaped gardens, holiday accommodation and parking for cars and coaches. Developing the land in this combined way strengthens the economic sustainability of this rural community.


In 2017, the group won the Keep Scotland Beautiful Award:

This tiny rural coastal village has made its mark in the area in a very short time. From a standing start in March this year, the group has created a real buzz both in the village and surrounding coastal communities.  The work this year is already enhancing Blairmore’s appeal as a destination, with visitors to the area from land and water being encouraged to stay longer and explore all the new developments. One of the real highlights was how the group’s efforts have helped to build a plethora of new relationships within and outwith the community, with a new social hub in the village and many offers of support from further afield. The work is underpinned by a long standing, sustainable development plan for the village, creating a strong foundation for all the activity this year and into the future.

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Agnes Harvey

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