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Registration for the 2018 Beautiful Scotland campaign is now closed. To take part in the campaign next year, on-line registration will open in January 2019.

To take part in Beautiful Scotland you must be a community group working to improve and enhance the place where you live. We would expect a group to be working with a variety of community groups, schools, and local organisations and businesses across the entire village, town or city.


Judging will take place at the beginning of August for the prestigious trophies within 13 different categories. These categories are based on electoral roll population size, ranging from Wee Villages to Cities, and there are additional prizes for outstanding effort in specific areas such as biodiversity, sustainability and tourism. A selection of winners are nominated to represent Scotland in the following years’ RHS Britain in Bloom finals.


2018 Beautiful Scotland theme

This year the theme is 'Year of Young People'. Every group will be send a packet of sunflower seeds and we have created a document with ideas we have pulled together to get you started.


We would love to hear your plans and share your projects and stories of how you celebrate this theme. Please email us at beautifulscotland@keepscotlandbeautiful.org throughout the year so we can share your progress through our social media channels - you never know who you might inspire!


Entrant guidance

You will find all the information you need to take part in Beautiful Scotland in our '2018 Beautiful Scotland Guidance for Entrants' available to download from this page.


Registration fees

In line with other Britain in Bloom regions and nations, there is an entry fee to take part in Beautiful Scotland. We will always strive to keep these as low as possible. Your group will be invoiced in May after registration closes. For first time entrants, from 2018 onwards we will be offering free registration for your first year of entering.


*Category Electoral Roll
Fee (includes VAT)
Wee Village up to 300 £50
Small Village 301-1,000 £50
Large Village 1,001-2,500 £50
Small Town 2,501-6,000 £100
Medium Town 6,001-12,000 £150
Large Town 12,001-35,000 £200
Small City 35,001-100,000 £250
City Over 100,001 £500
Residential Community** up to 2,500 £20
Urban Community*** 1,001-12,000 £100
Coastal areas
Coastal Village up to 2,500 £50
Coastal Town 2,501-35,000 £150
Business Improvement District
BID, Town Centre or City Centre N/A £150


 *In order to determine which category you should enter, please contact your local joint valuation board and ask for the electoral roll size. If in doubt please contact a member of the Keep Scotland Beautiful Community Projects team on 01786 477 171 or beautifulscotland@keepscotlandbeautiful.org for assistance.

**Residential Community: residents coming together to improve their area. A 'Residential Community' could be, for example, a block(s) of flats, a Housing Association complex, sheltered housing, or a care or nursing home.

***An urban community must be an identifiable community within a larger conurbation (sometimes described as an urban ‘village or town’). It must have its own sense of identity and have its own “Bloom” group (a group dedicated to leading the “in Bloom” initiative locally). An urban community may not have its own Council, or be able to stand alone, but it will have its own ‘sense of place’. There may be examples where a whole town/city is an entrant, and there are also areas of the larger conurbation entered as an urban community. Where this is the case, judges will only factor the urban community into their assessment of the whole town/city entrant if the two groups have been working together.

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