Information provision

Our award-winning beaches provide good standards of information to ensure a safe, welcoming environment in which users can have a pleasant experience. Information should be provided to ensure that users can make informed decisions about their activities.

To meet the requirements of the Beach Award, an information board should be displayed with information as below:

Major criteria:

Minor criteria:

  • Safety information regarding hazards e.g. swimming
  • Useful contacts including emergency contacts and the beach operator
  • A code of conduct that reflects local rules governing the use of the beach
  • A map of the beach which indicates:
    • The location of all facilities
    • The location of points relevant to bathing water quality
  • A promotional mark (flag, plaque or certificate) with basic information about the award should be displayed.
  • The information board must be up to date, well maintained and legible

Best Practice criteria:

  • Educational materials
  • Links to community events and activities
  • Evidence that the interests of any protected sites (SSSIs) and rare or protected species have been addressed in liaison with the designating authority, Scottish Natural Heritage

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