Beach safety

At award-wining beaches, safety equipment and services provided must, so far as is reasonably practical, minimise the possibility of harm to beach users. Planning a beach trip? Read our top tips for keeping safe on the beach.

To meet the requirements of the Beach Award, the following criteria relating to beach safety must be met.

Major criteria:

  • The Beach Operator must ensure a site-specific risk assessment has been carried out by appropriate qualified personnel. Suitable and sufficient control measures must be put in place to ensure safe use of the beach and surrounding area. This must be provided to Keep Scotland Beautiful at the point of application.
  • The Beach Operator must have an appropriate local emergency plan to cope with incidents which require the closure of the beach.
  • Beach users must be warned of the potential hazards of swimming and advised of appropriate behavior close to water.
  • Where rescue equipment is provided by the Beach Operator, this should be well maintained and easily accessed. In some cases this may also include a lifeguard station.


Minor criteria:

  • Information should be provided on emergency contacts and advice on what to do in the event of an emergency.

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