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There are more than 1.5 million domestic visits to seaside locations in Scotland choosing an award beach ensures a quality destination whether you are taking part in leisure activities, visiting friends and family or seeking a natural outdoor experience.

Scotland's Beach Award is the benchmark for quality, celebrating clean, well managed and sustainable beaches. Awarded beaches demonstrate excellent beach management and environmental best practice, and the maintenance of high standards.

Beaches and the coastal environment are critical habitats for many species and the basis for important economic activities, including tourism, coastal recreation and fishing. Domestic visits to seaside locations in Scotland generate an average of 1.5 million trips domestically, 6.5 million bed nights, and £323 million per annum so a key contributor to the Scottish economy. With more than 30,000 freshwater lochs and a huge coastline of 11,800kms roughly 60 per cent of the entire UK coast water based locations and beaches are key asset for Scotland.

The award recognises excellence in beach management, access and facilities, cleanliness, safety and encourages community engagement to reflect the needs of all beach users.

We recognise the significant value of the coastline and water based locations both for our economy and health and wellbeing. In a country which places importance on it's natural resources for recreation and tourism, quality beaches are vital assets. So if you are looking for a fun day out, the opportunity to take part in some exciting watersports or explore the true character of Scotland an award beach is a great place to start.

Overall marine recreation and tourism activities are estimated to amount to £3.7 billion to the Scottish economy. Around £2.4billion of this is associated with general recreation and tourism, with around £1.3billion associated with more specialist activities including wildlife watching, sailing, kayaking, surfing and angling

Please see our Beach Map for more information on each of our award winning beaches. 

Encourage your favorite beach to apply for an award, most beaches are managed by the local authority. We will open for 2018 applications in January.

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