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Ocean Plastics

Ocean Plastics

Doug Allan is a natural history cameraman and presenter on programmes including Blue Planet.  He is also one of our Upstream Battle Campaign Ambassadors. Having seen first-hand the impact that marine litter has on wildlife, he is passionate about raising awareness of the problem.

Doug hosted a series of live lessons on our YouTube channel to share his experiences and talk about his work to spread the word about the issue of marine litter.

Primary Schools

Classroom Resource to Accompany the Live Lesson - Primary

This resource is designed to support the live lessons with signposts to relevant resources, suggested activities to extend learning, ideas for action and suggestions of ways in which you can share your thoughts and findings.  

Download the Ocean Plastics Classroom Resource.  

Doug Allan Plastics Live Lesson: Primary Schools

High Schools

Doug Allan Plastics Live Lesson: High Schools

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