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Climate Emergency Training

Climate Emergency Training

The Climate Emergency Training course provides a way for students to gain a greater understanding of climate change and its surrounding issues.

This SCQF level 4 course is aimed at secondary school pupils looking to develop their knowledge of climate change and understand what positive decisions they can take to address the causes of climate change.

The course includes a notional 20 hours of learning, activities, and assessment. Successful candidates will achieve 2 credits at SCQF level 4.

The four main points covered by the course are:

  • The causes of climate change.
  • The evidence behind climate change. 
  • The physical and social effects of climate change.
  • The actions we can take to reduce the impact of climate change.

Material is primarily delivered by the class teacher, with optional support from a Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) trainer. Student work is shared with the KSB trainer electronically, the trainer then marks the work and provides feedback to the students.

Please express your interest for this course by filling out this form. A KSB trainer will be in touch to discuss your request with you.

The course is free for state secondary school students.

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