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Inform and Involve

Inform and Involve

Once you have your Action Plan, it is time to start carrying out your actions.

You need to make sure that you are involving your whole establishment and your local community in your LEAF work. As a minimum, this involves communicating your LEAF work to your establishment and local community. This can be in person or online.

You can go further with Inform and Involve by:

Ensuring your actions cover everyone in your establishment. For example, if you aim to increase the amount of time spent learning outdoors, make sure this applies to all year groups and classes.

Inviting members of your local community to join you and collaborate on your actions to help improve your outcomes.

Organising events as part of your LEAF work and inviting members of your local community to join you. For example, tree planting activities or fundraising events.

You could also connect to other settings and share your work. This could be with settings that are local to you, other settings in Scotland, or setting in other countries. 

If you would like to make a connection with another LEAF establishment in Scotland or another country, you can contact us as for help.

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