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Forest Committee

Forest Committee

Your Forest Committee will be the leaders of your LEAF journey. They will be responsible for coordinating your LEAF actions and communicating your LEAF message to your school and wider community. The committee can be any size and include any age range. The amount of support staff give should be flexible to meet the support needs of your committee members, but we would like your committee to be pupil-led as much as possible.

Examples of Forest Committees:

  • A few pupils from each class
  • Whole class / year group / establishment
  • Whole establishment – different classes / rooms have different responsibilities

Whatever way you organise your Forest Committee, you should ensure you have mechanisms in place for all members of your establishment to have the opportunity contribute to, and be informed about, your LEAF work.

Other people you can ask to join your committee if you want to:

  • Staff members
  • Parents
  • Local community members
Forest Committee Participation Certificate

You can download a participation certificate for your Forest Committee members

Click to download certificate

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