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Awareness Survey

Awareness Survey

The aim of the Awareness Survey is for you to gather information on your current progress towards LEAF aims in your establishment, with a particular focus on nature connection. Who you conduct the survey with is up to you. We would expect you to include pupils, but you can also include staff members, parents and members of your local community.

You can create your own survey or use one of our templates.

Surveys to print

We have pdf versions of our Awareness Survey that can be printed and completed by hand:

Nursery to P2 / Pictorial     P3 to S2     S3 to S6

Please contact us at if you would like PowerPoint versions of these surveys to complete on a computer.

Guidance on how to complete each survey can be found by following the survey links. The surveys should take participants around 10-15 minutes to complete.

You can add additional questions to the survey if you want extra information from participants.

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