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Applying for your LEAF Award

Applying for your LEAF Award

Once you have completed all steps of the Forest Cycle it is time to submit your award application. The application can be made in any format you choose. We have an application template in PowerPoint format to help you, but you can submit in a different format, for example SWAY presentation, word document, video.

The deadline for submission of LEAF Award applications is 31st July.

For you to gain a LEAF award you must complete our LEAF feedback form. This must be completed for your award to be processed. You must also include the following in your application (also outlined in the application template):

  • Establishment details
    • Name / address
  • LEAF coordinator(s) name(s) and email address(es):
  • Information on your Forest Committee
    • How did your Forest Committee work?
  • Details of your Awareness Surveys
    • Who completed your Awareness Surveys?
    • What did you find out from completing your Awareness Surveys?
  • Your final Action Plan
    • The Theme you chose to focus on
    • Your Action Plan can be in any format, but must include what actions were carried out and when as a minimum. We have an Action Plan Template to help you.
    • Your Action Plan should include an evaluation of your Actions
      • Were your actions successful in achieving your aims? Can you provide any evidence of how you know you were successful?
      • What went well and what did not go so well? Remember all actions can be included, even if they were not successful.
      • What have you learned during your LEAF journey?
      • What would you like to take forward for your next LEAF journey?
  • Information on how you informed and involved others in your LEAF project
    • How did you involve people outside your school / nursery in your work (this can be in person or online)?
  • Your Forest Code
    • What is your Forest Code?

Additional evidence which would be great to see, but not essential for the award:

  • Photos / videos of pupils carrying out your actions / learning outdoors / connecting with nature

Don’t forget you can use your LEAF work to count towards your Eco-Schools Green Flag application. LEAF can be counted as up to three actions (one topic) for your Eco-Schools Green Flag award. Simply add LEAF as part of your Eco-Schools action plan (you can copy and paste the information from your LEAF action plan or submit your LEAF action plan along with your Eco-Schools evidence). You do not need to submit any further evidence of your LEAF work in your Green Flag application for it to count, provided your LEAF award falls within the period of your Eco-Schools renewal.

An example of a completed award application from a primary school can be found below to give you an idea of what we are looking for:

Example LEAF award application

Submitting your application

Please submit your application by email to:

There is a 34 MB limit on email attachments to this address. If your application is larger than this, you can save your file in a cloud storage facility such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive and email the link to the above email address. Alternatively, you can use the free service We Transfer to send images / files.

What happens next?

Once we have received your application, we will review it and determine if you have covered the award requirements. Please keep an eye on your emails, in case we have any questions regarding your application.

You will be informed if you have received a LEAF award within 3 weeks of submitting your application.

If you are successful, you will be sent a certificate to say you are a recipient of a LEAF award.

Your LEAF award is valid for one year from the awarding date. At the end of this period, you will need to submit a new award application to continue your LEAF status.

Starting your next Forest Cycle

You can begin work on your new LEAF journey at the start of the next academic year.

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