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Climate change and nature loss are the greatest global threats we face. 

The world’s biggest conference on climate change took place here in Scotland – in Glasgow - during November 2021 resulting in the signing of the Glasgow Climate Pact. Now the United Nations Conference of the Parties, COP27, is taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

The United Nations Conference of the Parties, or COP26 for short, brings together climate experts, heads of state from across the world and negotiators to check progress and agree coordinated global action and targets to combat the climate crisis.

The commitment to keep 1.5 alive still hangs in the balance and we must all now do what we can to ensure that we do our best to reduce global temperature rise.  If we don’t manage this, our world will increasingly become more difficult for us and nature to exist and live in.  Already we know that storms are more intense and disruptive, flooding more extreme, weather patterns less predictable and species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate.

We know that we need to engage with people across Scotland and we must all forge ahead to ensure that the amount of greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and the amount we take out equals zero - and the ambition for Scotland to become a Net Zero Nation by 2045 is realised. 

Interest in climate change and climate action is higher than ever before. And, #TeamKSBScot is committed to harness this and ensure communities and individuals are supported to clearly understand the climate emergency, what it means to them, and how they can respond to the risks, opportunities and responsibilities ahead.

We will all need to play our part and make changes.  These changes will impact us all – creating new risks and responsibilities, as well as bringing new opportunities.  Together, collectively we can help in the global efforts to combat climate change.


During COP26 we:

  • Took part in the Carbon Literacy Action Day on 1 November with the Carbon Literacy Project.
  • Shared the asks of young people, collated following our Climate Action Week for Schools, as part of the 'Dear World Leaders' action with political leaders.
  • Spoke at the New York Times Educate on Climate Day event on 5 November.
  • Published blogs from young people involved in our Young Reporters for the Environment programme on their views of COP26 and climate change.
  • Supported the Foundation of Environment by displaying and promoting an exhibition of work from international Young Reporters for the Environment in the Blue Zone of the venue.
  • Announced the establishment of further Clean Up litter hubs to support community action funded by McDonald’s in Glasgow.


We are committed to making Scotland a carbon literate and Net Zero Nation by:

  • Providing Climate Emergency Training to help people understand the climate emergency, their carbon footprint impact and effective action they can take.
  • Helping young people, educators and youth leaders to understand the crisis and actions they can take by providing information and support through our Climate Action Schools framework.
  • Responding to consultations and contributing our views to policy.
  • Empowering everyone to take positive action to combat climate change.


What can you do to keep 1.5 alive?

  • Reduce your consumption of high carbon items (flights, clothes, fuel).
  • Identify everyday behaviours that you might be able to change such as reducing single-occupancy car travel, swapping a short journey in the car for a walk or a cycle, saving energy and / or water in your home, choosing a locally sourced or meat free diet, buying less new stuff and reusing things you do buy.
  • Consider reusing / recycling or rehoming old electronics.
  • Invest in changes with a strong legacy (green building upgrades).
  • Look at your money - switch investments and pensions for more ethical providers and a greener future.
  • Communicate – talk to others and use your influence to encourage others to act on climate change.


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