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Youth Climate Advocates

Our Youth Climate Advocates programme aims to empower young people to take action on sustainable consumption in their local communities and across the Highlands.

Advocates will have the opportunity to gain a Carbon Literacy Project certification, engage in local climate action and volunteer with Highland Community Waste Partnership projects.

Ciara in Ardgay

Since completing my training, I feel so much better informed about the climate emergency and the steps that we, as a society, need to take to achieve Net-Zero. As individuals we all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions in our personal lives, communities and workplaces. The training has encouraged me to make my own lifestyle changes, such as growing my own vegetables in my second-hand greenhouse!

Climate Emergency Training

Keep Scotland Beautiful is offering free Climate Emergency Training to all 11-24 year olds in the Highlands, with a focus on sustainable consumption, as part of the Highland Community Waste Partnership.

This course is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project and consists of three, two-hour sessions, taken online over three consecutive weeks. It provides an introduction to the science and impacts of climate change as well was what we can all be doing to address it. The climate crisis can seem overwhelming, so this course emphasises what positive actions are being taken globally and in the Highlands.

Do you work with young people in the Highlands?

Contact us to arrange Youth Climate Advocate training for your group, club or organisation.

Participants will have the opportunity to connect with other Youth Climate Advocates, become certified as "Carbon Literate" and get involved with the activities of the Highland Community Waste Partnership.

Isabel in Inverness

I wanted to become Carbon Literate to be able to talk to local people and community groups about the steps they can take to reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainably. I really enjoyed the variety of content in the course and the Highland focus and examples included. The pledges I've made are to do more composting at home in my garden as well as help with delivering waste awareness training with other Velocity staff.

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