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Top tips for Conscious Consumption

We know our consumption habits are driving climate change and damaging our environment. But what can we do about it?

A transition towards a more circular economy is a systemic change. This means that everyone has a part to play, from industry giants to individual consumers.

The Highland Community Waste Partnership is focusing on what we can do as individuals, in our communities and from the ground up. Here are our top tips!

Banish over buying.
Plan your meals and stick to a shopping list. If you’re not sure where to start, use the Love Food Hate Waste online guides to help you meal plan. Visit our Food waste & composting page for food waste reduction resources.

Cut your portion sizes.
Cut your portion sizes to save money, the planet and your waistline. Love Food Hate Waste provide a Food Portion Calculator to plan your portion sizes. Check out our Food waste & composting page to see what we're doing to help businesses and communities reduce their food waste.

Get creative with your leftovers.
Visit our Events page for food waste reduction workshops in your area.

Freeze or preserve your food waste.Search Love Food Hate Waste’s A-Z Food Guide for top tips on storing and freezing your festive food. Preserving food is also a fun and tasty way to make it last longer. Visit our Events page for upcoming fermenting, pickling and chutney making workshops.

Compost what's left.
Visit our Food waste & composting page to learn how to compost your food waste at home.

Choose pre-loved
Buying second hand, whether online or in a second-hand store, can be a great way to save the planet, whilst finding unique items at a fraction of the price. We regularly organise second-hand sales, swaps and shares. Check out our Events page to find one in your area.

Give your outfit a new lease of life
If your favourite outfit needs some TLC, check out our Events page to see if there’s a make, do and mend session in your area.

Use a lending library for your DIY and other one-off needs
Instead of buying something that you'll only use a handful of times, see if you can borrow it instead. Head over to our Share & repair page to learn how you can save money and resources by using a lending library near you.

Hire a reusable party kit
Planning a party? Visit our Share & repair page to learn more about community party kits and where to get them.

Raise a reusable cup
Organising an event and want to cut down on waste? Learn more about our reusable cup pools for events on our Share & repair page.

Try a 'refill' shop
Refill shops allow you to stock up on common kitchen and household goods without the packaging. Take a look at some of the great places you can try refill across the Highlands on our Refill page.

Choose to reuse when eating or drinking on the go
Visit our Choose To Reuse page to see how you can reduce your single-use packaging when out and about.

Recycle your cups
Did you know that paper cups (whether compostable or otherwise) need to be recycled separately? We're working to bring cup recycling to the Highlands. Learn more about the scheme and find your nearest cup recycling box here.

Opt for reusables 
From making reusable face pads to beautiful furoshiki gift wrapping, look out for Eco-craft workshops on our events page, to learn how you can reduce the use of common single-use items and packaging.

Buy less, waste less, save more!

Check out our Food waste & composting, Share & repair and Packaging & single-use pages to help you reduce your consumption.

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