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There are numerous local community initiatives throughout the Highlands that promote the reduction of waste and consumption. Many of these initiatives are set up and run by local people who care about their environment and want to repair and reuse wherever possible.

Waste not Wednesdays

Waste Not Wednesday: Isle of Skye



The 'Waste Not Wednesday' event here is run by Becky and Paul Smith who live in Torrin, which is about 15 mins from Broadford and off the main drag. They have basically set this up all off their own back on their croft as they have a lot of space there. Paul has built two containers (see picture attached) out of reused fibreglass from fish farms. One of the containers is the 'swap shop', with lots of items e.g. books, clothes, toys, bric-a-brac, CDs, kitchen utensils etc etc. People can come along on a Wednesday between 10am and 4pm with unwanted items and leave them with Becky and they can also take anything away if they like as well. All free. It really is a fantastic set up. Paul is in the middle of turning the second container into a repair shed, where people can come along to get items fixed on the spot or leave items to be fixed/learn how to fix them. He does PAT testing as well. The only thing with the 'Waste Not' is the location as it is a bit out the way so not everyone knows about it but it is starting to get more popular. They only started properly this year really. I would be more than happy to chat with the TBI trustee that is interested in setting something up and can also put them in touch with Becky. Contact: beckyplasticfree@btinternet.com

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Tricia from Skye Climate Action that organises the pick-ups. She is calling it the ‘Electrical Amnesty Collection’. I have been trying to help her promote it a bit more and investigate long term land so it can continue as long as possible. The pick-up location at the moment is at Kyleakin Hall car park, just at the end of the Skye Bridge pretty much when you come on to Skye. The ILM van parks there, usually on the last Wednesday of each month, between 11am and 1pm and people can drop off big or small electrical items. The van then goes up to Portree for another big pick up before heading back to Alness. The idea was to have a pick up point in the south of the island as well so that people weren’t lugging stuff up to Portree since the van was passing on the way up anyway! Contact: tricia@petriarts.co.uk

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Transition Black Isle celebrates first anniversary of Repair Café activity.

A committed group of volunteers, supported by the Black Isle Men’s Shed, Transition Black Isle and the Highland Community Waste Partnership are celebrating the first year of success for local Repair Café activities.

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