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Returnable Packaging

Reuse is the best way to eliminate single-use food and drink packaging waste.

Returnable packaging makes it easier than ever before for you and your customers to #ChooseToReuse and reduce the environmental impact of your business.

What is returnable packaging?

Returnable packaging schemes are designed to help address one of the most common challenges associated with reuse - what if I forget to bring my own reusable cup or container?'

We know at least 69% of people in the UK own a reusable cup, but only 1 in 6 will use it every time they buy a drink - 36% of people said remembering their cup was the main reason they didn’t use it.

A scheme like Vytal allows customers to borrow, use and return a cup or container, rather than taking a single-use one for their food and drink on-the-go, making the sustainable choice more accessible and convenient.

Read more about it here in our factsheet.

Our returnable packaging pilot

Following the success of Highland Cup Movement we're continuing to work with German sustainable reusable packaging system Vytal to support the switch to reusables in the Highlands.

This time we're working with the full range of Vytal packaging (both food and drink) and offering businesses across the Highlands the chance to take part until Dec 2024. From cups, to bowls, tubs and even pizza boxes, participants will receive a pool of packaging of their choosing, as well as support, staff training and campaign materials.

11 billion items of packaging waste are generated each year in the UK by our on-the-go lunch habits and we are working to reduce this, by promoting reusable alternatives as part of our #ChooseToReuse campaign.

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How does the Vytal system work?

Vytal are Europe's largest digital reusable packaging system. The QR code based app allows customers to choose reusable packaging at the point of sale and return it, free of charge, to any participating business within 14 days.

Download the Vytal app now

The app enables consumers to discover Vytal outlets nearby and check returnable packaging in and out.

Piloting returnable packaging in the Highlands

Returnable packaging is an innovative solution for overcoming some of the key barriers to reuse. We are looking at how it can work both in local return 'loops', where packaging is returned to the outlet it was borrowed from, as well as within return 'networks' of multiple outlets.

Highland Cup Movement

This pilot builds on the Highland Cup Movement, which trialled a returnable cup scheme along the NC500 in the Summer of 2023.

Check out the legacy video in this section or read the legacy report here.



Returnable Packaging Pilot enquiry form

We’re accepting expressions of interest from Highland Businesses. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch for further discussion to ensure your suitability for the pilot and discuss next steps.
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