Have you ever stopped to think about how much disposable packaging you bring home with you after a trip to the supermarket? 

Zero waste, refill and other packaging-free stores are working to change this, by allowing shoppers to purchase household items in bulk, using their own containers.

Small businesses can also consider using refill services for things like cleaning products and toiletries.

So why not #TryRefill next time you need to top up?


the average amount of single-use grocery packaging a Scottish household buys every year. 


of people in the Highlands are likely to choose to avoid packaging when the option is available to them.


of people in Highland choose to bulk-buy or refill groceries and household goods at a zero-waste shop, some of the time.

Zero-waste shopping in the Highlands

Take a look at some of the great places you can #TryRefill across the Highlands.

Otter Adventures




Wyvis Refills


Contain Yourself


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Latest from the Partnership

Learn more about how we're working to promote packaging-free shopping in the Highlands.

Supporting the journey towards a 'Green Scotland'

The Highland Community Waste Partnership (HCWP) had the opportunity to support an upcoming BBC Alba documentary last week, looking at how we can all work towards achieving net zero.

The documentary features a family of five, with three young children, living in Inverness, and follows their journey to reduce their carbon footprint, by looking at their habits around home energy use, transport, recycling, clothing and food.



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