'Disposable' items are everywhere these days, from take-aways to online shopping. The costs of producing these items -extracting materials, manufacturing and transporting them- just for them to end up wasted as landfill or litter, are starting to add up.

By switching to reusable alternatives as much as possible, and making sure that we recycle what's left, we can continue to reap the benefits of convenient services 'on-the-go', whilst reducing harm to our environment and the people and communities that depend on it.



11 billion

items of packaging waste are generated each year in the UK by our lunch on the go habits.


of packaging waste currently ends up polluting the environment as landfill or litter.

47 hot drinks

the amount of free drinks that could be earned by people switching to a reusable cup, through reusable cup discounts (offered by a growing number of retailers)



What we're doing

We're working with businesses and communities around the Highlands to trial and promote alternatives to single-use packaging and other items.



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