Meet the team

Broadford & Strath Community Company (BSCC)

BSCC is based in Skye and Raasay and aims to create a strong, self sufficient, inclusive and eco-friendly community. BSCC is working with local businesses and community groups to establish a range of waste reduction initiatives. The main focus is on supporting businesses to reduce cardboard waste through reuse and recycling, whether that be for growing, fuel or packaging. The team also organise waste reduction events, such as, repair and composting workshops, climate cafes, clothes swap events and film nights. Learn more about their HCWP work.

Emma Bee - HCWP Project Waste Officer

Emma is the Co-Founder & Co-Director of The Selkie Collective, which is a Eco Refill Shop & Women's Community Collective on the Isle of Skye, since 2021.  

Her background is in art, with a BA Hons in Applied Arts. She has spent many years working and travelling abroad, now settling back on the Isle of Skye with her family.  In Emma's spare time she enjoys growing food and trees on her croft, taking long walks and cold swims.

Amy Bentall - HCWP Project Waste Officer

Amy is the Co-Founder & Co-Director of The Selkie Collective, a Eco/Refill Shop & Women's Community Collective on the Isle of Skye. 

Amy has a MSc in Wildlife Management & Conservation, and she always thought she would have a career involving wildlife somehow. Now her work is about reducing waste and consumption for the sake of the planet. She enjoys walking her dogs, visiting Scottish islands and wildlife watching with her family.

Highland Good Food Partnership (HGFP)

HGFP aims to improve education around food which will help to improve health, community development and environmental protection by making businesses and communities more aware of the environmental impacts of the food they consume. HGFP have been working on developing and promoting the Food Waste Toolkit for Businesses. Learn more about their HCWP work.

Brenna Anderson - HCWP Project Officer

Brenna joined the team with a varied background in hospitality, sustainable tourism, food security, and community-led agriculture. 

Brenna's focus is on tackling food waste, through community-led composting initiatives and close cooperation with the vibrant hospitality sector throughout the Highlands. 

Lairg District Learning Centre (LDLC)

LDLC was set up as a charity in 2001 to meet a demand for learning at a local level. The classes delivered range from growing and cooking, felting and sewing and health, wellbeing and sustainability. LDLC run a range of waste reduction events as part of HCWP and are developing a Food Waste Challenge for Households. Learn more about their HCWP events.

Jo Henderson - HCWP Project Officer

Jo has previous experience as a Quality Control Laboratory Technician at Highland Forest Products until she moved to Golspie where she became Brown Owl in Brownies and loved the way they recycled and got creative as they had a very limited budget.

She was given her first sewing machine and taught herself to sew, and quickly found her new passion. Jo had many requests to teach people to sew and eventually held her first sewing classes at LDLC and realized very quickly that she loved teaching. Jo joined LDLC in October 2018 as Social Enterprise Tutor, which was Funded By CCF and her love of recycling helped her find creative ways to use the donated items and materials.

As a Project Officer for HCWP, Jo runs waste reduction classes and workshops in various disciplines and is also contributing to the development of resources. In Jo's spare time you’ll also find her up a hill somewhere.

Lochaber Environmental Group (LEG)

LEG is a registered charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee based in Lochaber. LEG works to preserve, conserve and restore the environment of Lochaber for the benefit of local communities as they transition to a low carbon economy by running a range of food, compositing and bike projects as well as developing HCWP resources. LEG run a series of waste reduction events as part of the HCWP as well as developing an in-vessel composter network, providing free compost bins and promoting food waste composting for businesses. Learn more about their HCWP work.

Lesley Hawkins - HCWP Project Officer

Lesley has a varied background having been a mechanical design engineer before moving into further and higher education. Lesley is a keen gardener who loves to grow her own food at home and home compost. She also enjoys the great outdoors and walking in the Lochaber area.

Lesley joined LEG in April 2022 as HCWP Project Officer to encourage the residents and businesses of Lochaber to reduce their food waste and to manage unavoidable food waste by home composting and in-vessel composting.

Lochbroom & Ullapool Community Trust (LUCT)

LUCT is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation set up to deliver projects that benefit the community. The overall goal is to support the community to be healthier, inclusive and environmentally and economically sustainable. The aim is to bring together people within the community to make positive contributions to environmental issues, such as, reducing waste, supporting sustainable ways of living and working and taking action on climate change. LUCT run a series of waste reduction events as part of HCWP and are contributing to the development of a reuse map and car sharing promotion. Learn more about their HCWP events.

Catriona Scott - HCWP Community Development Officer - Environment

Catriona grew up in Edinburgh and has a varied background in hospitality and tourism, regenerative agriculture and community work.

Alongside her role at LUCT, she works and volunteers at a couple of market gardens and is passionate about local food.

Thurso Community Development Trust

Thurso CDT aims to make Thurso a better place to live, work and visit through sustainable community led development to create a thriving local economy and community facilities. Waste reduction projects include: Thurso Grows, The Sharing Shed, The Asset Bank and Reusable Party Kit. Thurso CDT run a series of waste reduction events as part of the HCWP and contribute to the development of the Food Waste Challenge for Households and reuse map. Learn more about their HCWP events.

Oksana Iatsiuta - HCWP Project Officer

Oksana is passionate about sustainability and the reduction of waste. She loves upcycling things, especially giving new life to old jewellery, collects zero waste recipes and is a big fan of fermenting.

Within her role, Oksana works towards reducing food waste and single-use stuff and is really keen to promote reusing and sharing in our community.

Transition Black Isle (TBI)

TBI is an organisation that aims to help Black Isle communities thrive in the face of climate change and disruption to global resources. Activities include encouraging non-car travel, running community markets, supporting local producers as well as helping people grow more of their own food and to make their own compost. TBI run a series of events as part of the HCWP and contribute to the development of the Food Waste Challenge for Households. Learn more about their HCWP events.

Laura Donnelly - HCWP Project Officer

Laura previously worked with communities and individuals in a community development setting in the most deprived areas of Edinburgh. Her role was to engage hard to reach audiences and encourage and support residents to get involved in decision making around improvements to their local community, health and/or personal development.

Laura currently manages a seasonal guest house on the Easter Ross Peninsular. She prides herself in using green/sustainable cleaning products, not providing single use plastics and encourages guests to recycle and contribute to home composting. Laura also enjoys making things out of materials which would otherwise go to landfill. 

Laura’s role is to engage with Black Isle residents and provide information and waste reduction activities across the black Isle. Her aim is to encourage people to be more mindful of their waste, through learning and adopting new practical practices which will reduce their carbon footprint and save their household money.

Velocity Café & Bicycle Workshop

Velocity is a social enterprise based in Inverness. Velocity combines three worlds; a vegetarian café, bicycle workshop and a range of projects promoting health, wellbeing and sustainability. Since 2012, Velocity have been working to champion local, healthy and sustainable food, increase bike maintenance skills and confidence, promote climate consciousness, repair and reuse and support wellbeing, physical activity and social connection. Velocity run a series of waste reduction events as part of HCWP as well as increasing food waste recycling in Inverness. Learn more about their HCWP work.

Clare Sterritt  - HCWP Climate Project Officer

Clare comes into the role with experience working for a Scottish rewilding charity, a zero waste business manager and a PgDip on Net Zero Communities from The University of the Highlands and Islands.

Prior to the role she spent some time in Sweden and Norway, gaining experience on sustainable land use practices and communities through volunteering and working. She is passionate about sustainable food systems, community development in the Highlands and Islands, and striving to be a part of building a fairer future for nature and people, while also enjoying as much time as possible having adventures in wild places.

Keep Scotland Beautiful 

Keep Scotland Beautiful is your charity for Scotland's environment with a vision for a clean, green, sustainable Scotland. We has three goals - to combat climate change, tackle litter and waste, and protect and enhance the places we work, live and visit.

Georgina Massouraki

HCWP Coordinator

With a background in communications, stakeholder engagement and behaviour change, Georgina joined KSB in 2015 as a Community Projects Officer and has since moved on to lead on a number of our campaigns, including ‘Neat Streets’, ‘Give your litter a lift’ and ‘Cup Movement in Glasgow’.

Before joining us, she worked on sustainability engagement projects in social enterprise, local authority and education settings. She has also spent time as a researcher studying animal behaviour, ecology and evolution.

HCWP role: Internal and external communications, campaign development, planning and development,  finance, monitoring and reporting.

Ellie Campbell

HCWP Project Officer

Ellie has experience tackling food waste as part of a partnership project with Faith in Community Dundee and Dundee Community Food Network.

Before working in the charity sector Ellie was a chef for many years in restaurants throughout the UK. She has also volunteered for The Trussell Trust, FoodCycle and Action Against Hunger.

HCWP Projects: Single-use items, Reuse, Refill, Recycling and Youth Climate Advocates programme.

Joanne Dunn

HCWP Stakeholder Engagement Officer

Joanne has experience in Local Government working in waste minimisation and recycling with a focus on education and awareness, stakeholder engagement, behavioural change and corporate communications.

She also volunteered as an education officer for Gorgie City Farm and the Royal Highland Education Trust.

HCWP role: Internal and external stakeholder engagement, communications, web content development and social media.


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