Increasing food waste recycling in Inverness

Recycling food waste has a significant impact in reducing climate change as, when sent to landfill, food produces methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas.

Velocity Café & Bicycle Workshop is working with Highland Council to encourage the uptake of household food waste recycling in Inverness. Currently, around 60% of the food wasted in Inverness still goes to landfill, rather than getting recycled with the council's food waste recycling programme.

Velocity worked with the Highland Council on a door knocking campaign in October 2022 to encourage households to use their caddies or to get signed up to the service.

In 2023, Velocity will target a specific area in Inverness in order to get a deeper understanding of the barriers that are currently preventing people from recycling their food waste, with a view to increasing uptake.

If you are interested in learning more about this work, you can contact the Project Officer Isabel McLeish: isabel@velocitylove.co.uk

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Food waste challenge for households (coming soon)

We are developing a campaign to help households buy, store and use food more wisely, helping them to save money, cut waste and reduce their carbon footprint too.

For now, you can find food waste reduction workshops on our events map, through the link below.

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Promoting community composting

Although learning to avoid wasting food in the first place is best (check out our food waste reduction workshops), composting any food or kitchen scraps that are going to waste is an important part of reducing emissions, as well as generating a useful resource: compost!

We're looking at ways to make composting more accessible in the Highlands, whether by providing people with the knowledge and tools to do it at home or by setting up community composting initiatives.

This section will be updated as work develops.


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