Working with businesses to reduce food waste

Wasted food can impact on profits, whilst increasing waste management costs. It is also a significant source of greenhouse gases and, for that reason, Scotland is aiming to reduce food waste by 33% by 2025.

As part of the Highland Community Waste Partnership, the Highland Good Food Partnership is working with Zero Waste Scotland to roll out their Food waste Toolkit for businesses.

Highland organisations across the food and drink sector can sign up to take the one-month food waste challenge in order to:

  • Understand your current levels of food waste
  • Make a plan to reduce food waste
  • Cut costs, save money and reduce your climate impacts

In addition to the Tookit, you will get access to expert help and advice.

To get started, please contact Reina Edmiston: brenna@highlandgoodfood.scot
If you're located in Lochaber, you can contact Lesley Hawkins: lesley@lochaberenviro.org.uk


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In-vessel composter network

Lochaber Environmental Group are looking to set up a network of businesses and organisations using in-vessel composters to manage their food waste. This would potentially be a self-led user group to share good practice among those already operating in-vessel composters and support any businesses or organisations who wish to take up the practice.

There is anecdotal evidence that a number of in-vessel composters have been installed across the Highlands, but not all are currently in operation. An online note of interest has been produced to identify different businesses organisations who are currently using an in-vessel composter, have previously used an in-vessel composter, or would like to use an in-vessel composter to reduce the environmental impact of their food waste and potentially utilise any in-vessel composters no longer in operation. It also aims to identify which businesses and organisations would be interested in being part of a Highland wide network. 

The note of interest will be available until 15th October 2023 and can be accessed here

If you are interested in joining the network, know someone who might, or would like more information, please contact the LEG Project Officer Lesley Hawkins: lesley@lochaberenviro.org.uk

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Rocket food waste composter for loan to businesses

Food waste is one of the most difficult aspects of waste to deal with. To reduce its environmental impact it should ideally be treated as close to source as possible and re-used in the local area. For small scale businesses an in-vessel composter can facilitate this in remote rural areas.

As part of the Highland Community Waste Partnership, Lochaber Environmental Group (LEG) has an in-vessel composter, known as a Rocket A700, which had been on loan to Nevis Range for a number of years but is now available for other businesses to trial.

LEG is offering to make this machine available free of charge for an initial period of 3 years extendable to 5 years to a business located in Lochaber. In exchange, LEG would request information on its performance and the chance to share the experience with others who might be interested in this technology, along with a requirement to maintain the machine in good order.

Being able to compost food waste on site has 3 main benefits for businesses:

  1. The compost produced by the in-vessel composter can be used on site to support food production.
  2. Supports business green credentials and can contribute to climate action plan.
  3. Can potentially save money on food waste collection costs. 

To fill out an application or request more information, please contact LEG Project Officer, Lesley Hawkins: lesley@lochaberenviro.org.uk


Rocket A700 Food Waste Composter - Information Pack and Specification

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