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Green Flag Award criteria

Green Flag Award criteria

By achieving the Green Flag Award  the management of that site demonstrate that they understand:

  • Their users - who they are, who they could be, what they want, how they are informed and involved.
  • Their site - what is special about its history, biodiversity, landscape, social and physical setting, and what it is trying to achieve.
  • Their management strategy - that what is there is safe, in line with legislation and policy, well maintained and that there are plans for the future.

A green space is never finished. It needs to reflect and respond to the changing needs of it's users, whilst retaining its character.

Green Flag Award applications are judged against eight key criteria:

1. A Welcoming Place
2. Healthy, Safe and Secure
3. Well Maintained and Clean
4. Environmental Management
5. Biodiversity, Landscape and Heritage
6. Community Involvement
7. Marketing and Communication
8. Implementation of Management Plan

The judging criteria also considers the fact that each park/green space will offer different kinds of facilities, and will be managed and developed to varying opportunities and constraints. Innovation and the way facilities offered are tailored to the needs of the community will also be taken into account.

You can find out more by reading Raising the Standard - The Green Flag Award guidance manual.

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