#ChooseToReuse or #TakeItBack

Help make the shift towards more sustainable consumption.

Glasgow goes through 95 million single-use cups each year.

These are used once and then discarded onto growing heaps of waste, just as new cups are constantly produced to feed our love of hot drinks on the go.

Consumption habits like this are responsible for nearly 80% of Scotland’s carbon footprint.
If we are to address the climate emergency, we have to change the way that we consume.

Thankfully, there are some solutions out there.

So help make a start. Because people make Glasgow greener.


What you can do



Switching to reusables is the best way to reduce consumption and waste.

More and more cafes are supporting this by accepting reusable cups and even offering incentives to customers who choose to use them.

Discover more on the map below.


Did you know you can recycle paper cups?

Although they can't go in standard recycling, there are currently 106 store locations around Glasgow where you can take any paper cup to be recycled. So
even if you can't use a reusable cup, for whatever reason, you can still help reduce the impact of single use.

Where to do it

With support from Glasgow City Council, we're working with five of Glasgow’s biggest hot drink retailers to raise awareness of the opportunities they offer for you to #ChooseToReuse and #TakeItBack.

Use this map to find a store near you that will accept your reusable cup or where you can take any paper cup to be recycled.
Click on any store for more information. You can also open it in an app on your device by clicking on the 'full screen' button in the top right corner :

A note on the safety of reusables in relation to Covid-19

There is no evidence that reusable cups present a risk of Covid-19 transmission and indeed they are no higher risk than other sit-in or take-away options. For more information about this, including an Expert Statement addressing the safety of reusables and Covid-19 have a look at the #ContactlessCoffee campaign from City To Sea.

As a precaution, all retailers participating in this intervention have updated safety procedures in place around reusables, including washing/sanitising hands and/or contactless setups.

Thanks for helping to change the system!



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