Corporate support

We are passionate about working in partnership with other organisations to help more people to look after Scotland’s environment for current and future generations.

Here are just some of the ways your organisation can get involved.

Corporate team days

We offer bespoke, inclusive and inspiring corporate away days that will help to build your team through a shared fun and rewarding experience.

Please contact heather.mclaughlin@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

Sponsor one of our activities

This is a great way to help improve and protect our environment whilst supporting your CSR objectives. We currently need your sponsorship for a wide range of activities including our Beach Awards, Clean Up Scotland, Young Reporters and Eco-Schools.

Donate your carrier bag charge

You can make your bag charge proceeds work for Scotland's environment by donating you carrier bag money to us. We will use the money to help to fund activities which support communities working to improve their local area.

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Support our latest campaign

By supporting our Upstream Battle campaign you will be helping to take positive action to stop plastic and other litter entering our marine environment.

Make us your charity of choice

We are celebrating our 21st anniversary as a Scottish charity this year.  What better time than now to choose us as your Charity of the Year! We will work with you to create a range of engaging events and activities all designed to help meet your business and corporate social responsibility goals.

To find out how your organisation can get involved please contact us at info@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

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