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Food and the Environment

Food and the Environment

Food and the Environment

The Big Picture

Think of something you have eaten this week that would not have been available to your grandparent's generation.  Changes in technology, trade, and wealth have contributed to changes for Scotland in:

  • The range of foods available to us.
  • The way some of our food is produced.
  • The volume of food waste we produce.
  • The values we attach to food.

These changes have also brought damage to our environment through pollution and using up non-renewable resources.

The good news is that there's things we can do to make sure what we eat isn't harming the environment. 

There's more good news - these things are fun, can help bring us together with people and places we care about and they can involve great food!

One Planet Picnic

Have a go at a One Planet Picnic. You can make it just for yourself, or your family, or get together with others and bring something to share.

It's a great way to get to know local and seasonal foods, reduce waste and spend quality  time with other people.

Have a look at the ideas and inspiration and there's also a guide to help you to organise your own One Planet Picnic.

Pocket Garden Design

Our annual Pocket Garden competition provides a great opportunity for pupils aged 3-18 to investigate plants and food, develop creative design skills and apply that knowledge to create a sustainable garden.

Check out the Design Brief to help you garden more sustainably.

If you want to add food growing into your garden there are some inspiring ideas in the Pocket Garden Stories.

Eco-Schools Scotland

Food and the Environment also appears as a topic within our Eco-Schools Scotland programme. Click on the Fiood and the Environment icon for more information about how you can work on this topic as part of your Green Flag Journey.

The Compass tool has examples of what schools are doing as part of their Food & the Environment topic work across the Campus, Curriculum, Culture and school Community.  Browse and create a downloadable pack of the ideas you like.

Take away more than food

We hope that through taking part in Food and the Environment activities, you will enjoy yourself and be curious to discover more about:

  • The resources and skills required for food production and processing.
  • The value of healthy, stable ecosystems to growing our food.
  • The wider environmental implications of what we choose to eat.
  • The dimension of social responsibility in our choices and behaviour.
  • Your own food culture within a diversity of food cultures in Scotland and around the world.

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