Heat in Buildings consultation event: online on 25/02/2024

The Scottish Government is proposing to make new laws around the heating systems that can be used in homes and places of work, which will help Scotland reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reach its legal binding ‘net zero’ targets.

This online event is one of 13 sessions across Scotland where participants will be able to learn what is being proposed in the Scottish Government’s Heat in Buildings Bill and share their opinions through a facilitated discussion.

This 65-minute session is being delivered by environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful, on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Who is this session for?

This event is for homeowners or tenants of privately owned homes, and/or any type of owner or tenant of a non-domestic building, within areas of Scotland covered by the sessions as indicated below.

You'll want to learn more about what is being proposed in the Scottish Government’s Heat in Buildings Bill and share your opinions to help shape what the final Bill might look like.

To take part you’ll need to be:

  • A homeowner, (owner-occupier/private landlord), or a tenant of a privately owned home and/or any type of owner or tenant of a non-domestic building,
  • Within one of the areas of Scotland covered by the sessions: Perth & Kinross, Dundee City, Stirling, Falkirk, Clackmannanshire, Fife, City of Edinburgh, Glasgow City, West Dunbartonshire, North Ayrshire, Orkney Islands & Shetland Islands,
  • 18 years of age, or above.

Please note that social housing and new build homes are not within the scope of this consultation as they are subject to separate guidance and regulations.


What will the session involve?

The session will be 65 minutes in length and facilitated by three staff from Keep Scotland Beautiful. The session will consist of:

a. Introductory presentation: Summarising what is being proposed in the Heat in Buildings Bill, technical information about clean heat and energy efficiency, and information about why clean heat and energy efficiency are important. (15 minutes)

b. Facilitated Discussion: Opportunity for participants to discuss and share their views on 5 elements of the Heat in Buildings Bill. The discussions will be summarised in writing by a Keep Scotland Beautiful staff member, and reported to the Scottish Government. (45 minutes)

c. Session close: Participants thanked for their attendance and provided with further information about how to contribute to the consultation. (5 minutes)


When and where will this session take place?

Sunday, 25 Feb 2024, 14:00 - 15:05 Online via Zoom.

Spaces must be booked in advance via Eventbrite.


How do I take part?

As outlined above please register to attend in advance via Eventbrite.


Are there more sessions taking place?

13 sessions will take in-person and online across Scotland. To view details of any upcoming sessions, please see the Heat in Buildings Eventbrite Collection.

Spaces at all sessions must be booked in advance.


What if I want to contribute, but can’t attend a session?

The Scottish Government’s Heat in Buildings Bill is open for consultation via their website.


What if I l have questions?

Please check this page to see if your question is answered here.

If you still have a question, please email us at climate@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

From 25 February 2024 14:00 to 15:05

at Online via Zoom

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