Fixed Penalty Notices

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The course carries a maximum value of 4 hours (core activity) for the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme.

This course provides a solid grounding in fixed penalty notice legislation relating to dog fouling, littering and flytipping and the powers the legislation confers on local authorities and other duty bodies authorised to issue fixed penalty notices. The training details the principles of good enforcement relating to consistency, proportionality and openness. Throughout the training the importance of managing what might be a difficult situation is highlighted with officer’s safety a priority. Included in the training is a detailed explanation of what the Procurator Fiscal’s requirements are to take cases forward for prosecution and an assessment of what other factors might influence the outcome of a case brought before a sheriff.

The training style is designed to be informative, interesting and interactive. Trainers encourage direct participation throughout and delegates are given opportunities to discuss issues within their own experience of working in the field.

This course is suitable for enforcement officers, other statutory body holders and other organisations with the responsibility for issuing fixed penalty notices for litter, dog fouling and flytipping.


Learning outcomes

This course will:

  • Enable you to identify the offences that officers (authorised by the local authority) are empowered to act on
  • Provide you with the knowledge to put together evidence to support prosecutions
  • Enable you to understand the circumstances for issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice
  • Allow you to issue Fixed Penalty Notices lawfully and safely 


Relevant legislation

Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003

Offence of Leaving Litter Section 87 & 88 Environmental Protection Act 1990

Flytipping Fixed Penalty Section 33A Environmental Protection

Local authority / company that you represent

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