National Award for Environmental Excellence®

How is your organisation embedding sustainability practices into its strategy and operations?

How is your organisation responding to the climate emergency?

Do you know what impact your operations and management systems have on our environment?

Do you understand what your organisation needs to do to help Scotland reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2045?


Climate emergency

In May 2019, the Scottish Government declared a climate emergency – an important and sobering moment for us all.

But what practical action can your business take to minimise its impact on the environment so that it plays its part in tackling the climate emergency?


Our National Award for Environmental Excellence® enables your organisation to understand its current impact.

It also provides a framework for continuous environmental improvement - wherever your organisation is on its sustainability journey.


What does our National Award for Environmental Excellence measure?

There are six key aspects to the award:

  • Carbon management: We will look at how your organisation understands and manages its carbon impact. For example, does your organisation have a carbon management plan with targets and measures (if you don’t have one of these, we can help you establish it) and do you and your staff understand what they can do to combat the climate emergency?
  • Administration: We will look to see if your organisation has an environmental management system in place and, if so, how often it is review and updated. We will also look at your processes and policies, including those on environmental management and procurement.
  • The external environment: We will want to see how well your outside space is managed. For example, is there any litter? Are there enough bins? Do you have cycle parking? How well is your building maintained?
  • The internal environment: We will want to know whether waste is separated for recycling, the efficiency of the heating, lighting and air conditioning and if environmental action is promoted to staff.
  • Waste management: We will look at how your organisation manages its waste, storage and collection.
  • Community participation: We will look to see how much of a role your organisation has in the local community, including involvement in projects to improve the local area and volunteering opportunities.


How does our National Award for Environmental Excellence work?

Following a site visit and desk assessment, our assessors will provide you with a detailed report, telling you how your organisation is performing environmentally right now. We will give you recommendations for improvement whilst also highlighting what you are already doing well.

Depending on where your organisation is on its sustainability journey, you could earn a bronze, silver, gold or platinum level of award. This allows you to demonstrate your environmental credentials, setting your business apart from your competition.

And earning an award is not the end of your journey. We can provide you with ongoing support to ensure that continuous environmental improvement is at the heart of your business, so that when you come to renew your award after two years you will be in a great position to not only renew it, but achieve a higher level.


“This award has been recognised by Quality Scotland as “supporting organisations to deliver excellence in environmental quality.”

Quality Scotland

What businesses say about the award

This award recognises our ongoing commitment to environmental quality and celebrates the efforts of all our people in striving for excellence in this crucial area of our business. 

Ramsay Borthwick, Glenkinchie Distillery Manager

We are delighted that Forth Valley Royal Hospital is the first hospital in Scotland to achieve gold in this national award. Our staff are passionate about maintaining high standards, so they can provide a clean and caring environment for patients, visitors and staff. It’s brilliant to see that their hard work being recognised with this prestigious award.

Jonathan Procter, Director of Facilities & Infrastructure, NHS Forth Valley


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