Novotel Edinburgh Park - case study

Novotel Edinburgh Park Hotel were announced as having achieved Green Key through Green Key Scotland accreditation on 15 January 2024 with support from Keep Scotland Beautiful.

We are delighted to hear more about their story from Ciprian Uivarosan, their Operations Manager.

Q. Why did you make environmental improvements a priority in your organisation?

A. Environmental improvements became a priority in our organization due to our commitment to sustainable practices and ethical responsibility here in Accor.

Recognizing the pressing global need for conservation, we aimed to proactively reduce our environmental impact. By prioritizing these improvements, we aim to lead by example in the hospitality industry, demonstrating that eco-conscious initiatives can be seamlessly integrated into operations. This dedication extends beyond mere compliance; it reflects our values and ethos.

Emphasizing environmental sustainability not only conserves resources and minimizes waste but also fosters a positive impact on our community and ecosystem. Ultimately, integrating these improvements aligns with our core principles, ensuring a more sustainable future while providing an enhanced experience for our guests who share these values.

Q. Why did you choose Green Key?

A. We chose Green Key for its globally recognized standards and holistic approach to sustainability.

By choosing Green Key, we joined a community dedicated to meaningful environmental impact, enhancing our credibility, and reinforcing our dedication to sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.

Q. What were the outcomes from your Green Key certification?

A. Our Green Key accreditation resulted in significant positive outcomes. We implemented various eco-friendly initiatives, including energy-efficient lighting, waste reduction measures, water conservation systems, and enhanced recycling programs. These efforts led to a measurable reduction in our environmental footprint.

Through this process, we learned the importance of continuous assessment and innovation in sustainability practices. The accreditation provided invaluable insights into optimizing resource usage and engaging both staff and guests in our environmental initiatives.

Q. What support did Keep Scotland Beautiful provide? 

A. Keep Scotland Beautiful offered guidance, resources, and expertise, aiding our audit preparation. Their tailored advice and tools streamlined our process, ensuring compliance and success.

Q. What were the benefits? 

A. The Green Key accreditation yielded numerous benefits. Notably, our environmental improvements led to substantial carbon savings, we witnessed cost savings through energy efficiency measures. Importantly, it bolstered staff pride, fostering a sense of purpose and unity in our shared environmental mission.

Q. What’s next?

A. The next steps involve building on our achievements. We plan to expand our sustainability initiatives by integrating innovative technologies for greater energy efficiency, collaborating with local communities for broader environmental outreach, and continuously evolving our practices to set higher benchmarks in sustainability within the hospitality industry. Additionally, we aim to share our learnings and best practices, inspiring others to embark on similar journeys towards a more sustainable future.

What's the process to apply for Green Key certification?

Please see our Green Key webpage, or get in touch with our Senior Officer, Awards, Jamie Ormiston to discuss your requirements and timescales.

Get in touch with:
Jamie Ormiston
Senior Officer, Awards

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