A Responsib’All Day with Chivas Brothers

In 2011, Chivas Brothers launched the “Responsib’All Day” to encourage the sharing of best practise and to implement initiatives devoted to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 2015, they teamed up with us to engage in the Clean Up Scotland campaign and related volunteering opportunities with a day devoted to CSR.

During the 2016 Responsib'All day, we spoke to nearly 200 employees, engaging them with litter topics, including their own attitudes to litter and cleaning up and encouraging them to take action for our Clean Up Scotland campaign.

  • Some first steps for getting involved were to take our Clean Up pledge and to sign up for the Clean Up Scotland Newsletter in order to receive Clean Up news, updates and inspiration from across the country.
  • Beyond this, colleagues were also encouraged to take action by carrying out a #2MinuteCleanUp. This is an easy yet high-impact way to get started and make a valuable contribution towards the Clean Up Scotland campaign. Our reusable #2MinuteCleanUp bags and hi-vis tabards were given out across all sites to enable this action and help reinforce the campaign.
  • Finally, larger scale Clean Ups were also encouraged, with the option to sign up for an existing Clean Up event or to organise a new one amongst colleagues or in their community. Those interested in organising a Clean Up were given a copy of our specially produced dual-branded toolkit, developed to provide an understanding of littering and how to tackle it, as well as an organiser’s checklist and top tips for making their Clean Up event a success. A dual-branded poster developed to help recruit Clean Up volunteers was also supplied.

The Responsib’All day provided a successful platform for engagement and showed an appetite for action and improvement amongst Chivas Brothers employees. The day formed a valuable first step for both individuals and the whole organisation to show how they can improve their local environment.

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