Community Benefits - Procurement Reform Act

The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 sets out that all new contracts over £4 million being procured by a contracting authority must include a community benefit requirement. This means that if your business is tendering for applicable contracts you must be able to respond by identifying how best to incorporate robust and relevant community benefit work into your tender process. These community benefits must be particularly helpful to disadvantaged groups or areas.

Meeting this legal requirement offers your organisation a number of opportunities to:

  • Minimise the negative environmental effects of any contract you are undertaking and therefore potential costs to your business.
  • Help build capacity in community organisations in your local area.
  • Develop your existing workforce.


How we can help

Our range of service options will enable you to meet the community benefit aspect of your bid and ensure that you meet your legal obligations. By selecting the options best suited to your organisation and the local community where you will be working, we can build you a bespoke community benefit package that will make a real impact and deliver positive community results whilst adding weight to your tender. Once implemented we can assist in monitoring and evaluating the impact of your activities.

We can provide advice and support to help you to create a cleaner and safer local environment by:

  • Providing tailored audits to establish the condition of the local environmental quality where the contract is focused.
  • Offering best practice advice and support to maintain environmental quality in the long term.
  • Coordinating Clean Up events to encourage wider community participation and the involvement of stakeholders.
  • Providing materials for Clean Up activities including litter pickers, high visibility vests and branded bags.

Whether the support you lend is financial, practical or education, it's important the you play a part in your local community. We can support your local community by:

  • Helping to build capacity within community groups to allow projects to continue and diversify in the long term.
  • Arranging networking events to develop stakeholder engagement in the community benefit activity.
  • Organising celebration events to recognise your community development activity and volunteer action.

We have a wide range of environmental expertise, which allows us to offer you practical and strategic training and development opportunities for your team. We can:

  • Facilitate community consultation workshops and focus groups to determine the direction of community benefit activities.
  • Provide tailored workshops on topics such as organising a Clean Up campaign, improving biodiversity and engaging with partners.
  • Support the development and delivery of volunteer training courses from our established portfolio or create a bespoke package.
  • Assist in education and training packages for college and university work experience programmes.

We can work with you to create a unique portfolio of support to achieve real community benefit that enhances your procurement action. You can:

  • Sponsor our range of teacher professional learning programmes.
  • Support our local community environmental action activities for a specific neighbourhood or area, including workshops on carbon reduction, food growing and sustainable living.
  • Support our volunteering partnership with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
  • Ask us to administrate small grant schemes for parents and volunteers to enable them to support children and young people to engage with nature, environment and local places.

Options for contracts less than £4 million

Community benefit should also play a part in contracts worth less than £4 million. You can still meet your CSR requirements by donating a proportion of your contract to us. This will enable us to support a wide range of charitable activities on your behalf, from local Clean Ups and community horticulture, to volunteer training workshops and events celebrating the success of volunteers. We will provide you with a letter and certificate, outlining your support, and you can keep up to date with our activities through our monthly newsletter. We can also provide independent audit and validation services for all types of community benefit work, whether carried out in partnership with us or not.

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