Climate Support for Sport

We can help you prepare for the climate impacts your sport will be affected by and to be ready for legislative changes, we can also support you to improve efficiency and save money.

Climate change will impact all parts of society including sport. We are already seeing the impacts of climate change on sport such as flooded pitches and stadiums, sea level rise impacting golf courses across Scotland, rising temperatures putting athletes and the public at risk of heatstroke and less snow putting the whole of snowsport at risk.

We can help make sure your club, governing body, trust or association is prepared for the risks, responsibilities and opportunities ahead. 

If you want to start a conversation now, please contact our Development Officer, Heather Ashworth

From long-term support to targeted training, we can help you set and achieve your sustainability and climate goals.

Climate Emergency Training for Sport

Our training supports the sport sector across Scotland to understand the Climate Emergency and respond to the risks, responsibilities and opportunities ahead.

This training is developed by specialists in the sport and sustainability sector.

Who is this training for?

  • This training provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone involved with the sport sector to consider climate change impacts and start/advance their planning for net zero.
  • You might be a club, a governing body, trust or an association within sport, supporting actions related to sport, or simply interested in it.
  • This training can be delivered for anyone within your club, trust, governing body, association or organisation, and at any level and role from professional to grassroots.

What we offer

  • From Accredited Training for Sport to Short Introductory Sessions we have a range of training to suit your needs, whether you have already started your climate journey or you are taking your first steps.
  • We can also offer customised training to suit your requirements, making training sport specific and/or club/organisation specific.

Find out more about our Climate Emergency Training for Sport here or contact Development Officer, Heather Ashworth to start a conversation now.

National Award Environmental Excellence® (NAEE)

Our revamped NAEE provides a fantastic opportunity to for stadiums, courses, venues and grounds to become more sustainable.

What is NAEE?

  • This award recognises best practice in environmental and carbon management as well as maintenance, waste management, biodiversity and community engagement.
  • It uses a thorough assessment of your site(s) through desktop assessment and on-site visit to establish how your organisation is performing against criteria across six elements.
  • The award is renewed after two years and our support provides the opportunity to continually improve your performance and aim for higher awards.

This award is suitable for stadiums, venues, grounds and courses.

Find out more about our NAEE here or contact Development Officer, Heather Ashworth to start a conversation now.

Community Climate Action Plans (CCAP)

Our CCAP programme can help the sport sector to connect and work with their local communities to build action plans to get to Net Zero.

Sport clubs, governing bodies, trusts and associations can financially and/or physically support a CCAP for their community.

What we offer

  • The CCAP programme supports your community to create a climate action plan.
  • A series of workshops gathers information and scopes appropriate climate action and resilience and also action for nature.
  • The plan is supported by our expert facilitators and is created by the community for the community.
  • The programme can be delivered online or in person.

Find out more about our CCAP Programme here or contact Development Officer, Heather Ashworth to start a conversation now.

Why work with us?

We have worked with a variety of sports organisations for over a decade, supporting them to become more sustainable through initiatives which have helped them to:

  • Create a Community Climate Action Plan
  • Create a Climate Change Reporting Programme
  • Develop and deliver local projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Client testimonial

“Working through the Keep Scotland Beautiful process was extremely useful for the partnership as a lot of this work was quite new to us. We had seen the ongoing work through COP 26, but translating it to a local level can seem daunting due to the scale of the challenge.”

Shelley Hague, Chairperson Arbroath FC Community Trust.


Find out more about our previous work with sports organisations here

If you are a sports club, governing body, trust, association or organisation interested in working with us:

Get in touch with:
Heather Ashworth
Development Officer

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