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Environmental Assessments

Environmental Assessments

Environmental Assessments

Monitoring and measuring is a vital part of the process for any organisation looking to evaluate performance and achieve continual improvement. We specialise in environmental assessments - looking at waste, litter and other environmental quality indicators. There are several reasons why you may want to assess these - whether you own or maintain land, work with waste or produce it or just want to improve your surroundings, we can work with you to help achieve the following:

  • Identify trends in common practices and behaviours
  • Assess the success of projects or interventions
  • Monitor internal performance or help manage contractors
  • Identify problems and areas for improvement
  • Identify operational and financial efficiencies
  • Gain external validation of findings
  • Inform strategy development
  • Improve community engagement
  • Evidence of meeting your obligations

We have been carrying out environmental auditing assessments for over 15 years. We use tried and tested methodologies and create bespoke audits to suit our clients' needs.

Our environmental assessments

We have experience in providing a variety of environmental assessments. We use or adjust set methodologies for assessing street cleanliness, such as LEAMS or the Clean Europe Network methodology, and can grade cleanliness according to the grades detailed in the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse (Scotland) 2018. We also create bespoke audit assessments and have worked closely with a number of different sectors in Scotland to develop tailored audits to their specific requirements.

Our assessments can monitor and measure:

  • litter and street cleanliness, including focusing on specific litter types or litter sources
  • adverse environmental quality indicators such as graffiti, flyposting, vandalism
  • public waste bin infrastructure
  • trade waste items and receptacles
  • impacts of changes in street cleansing, waste infrastructure or interventions 

We can audit both streets and open spaces such as National Parks and can measure long and short term trends or before and after particular events or changes. 

The process

We will provide advice and consultancy on the best methodology and timescales to suit your requirements and budget if necessary. We may require some information from you such as cleansing times, maps or detail on changes being made, this is to ensure our audits and data is as robust as possible. Once audits are complete we can analyse data collected and provide a written report, including any recommendations if applicable. 

We can also provide consultancy on how to improve places, campaigning advice on how to engage residents, and an interpretation of audit results to ensure the efficiency of your services.

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