Pop-up Pocket Garden

Pop-up Pocket Garden was a great project for children and young people aged 3 - 18 years to design and grow a small garden at home during lockdown.

There were themes to inspire you and a design brief to guide your building and growing. See full details in the Pop-up Pocket Garden Brochure.  The themes were:

  • The 2020 Year of Coasts and Waters
  • Keep Scotland Beautiful’s 20th birthday.

Your exciting and unusual designs included edible plants, plants that attract wildlife and reused something which would otherwise have been thrown away.

We asked you to send in photographs of your garden for a chance to appear on our website. 

Some of you appeared on the well-loved BBC2 television show 'Beechgrove Garden'  The item starts at 11 minutes.

Design, build and grow a pocket garden at home.  Use a small space outdoors in your garden or indoors on a windowsill.  Your Pop-up Pocket Garden can provide a focus for learning and fun that fits your own situation.

A Pop-up garden is a short-term project, that you can complete in less than 12 weeks.  Afterwards, you can rehome the plants in pots or in a garden, or make it a garden to keep growing through the summer.

Record the process of growing and building your garden and send us images of your design and your finished garden, as well as images that show your garden story.  JUNE 30th is the deadline to send your images.

A kitchen garden made using old kitchen items!

There's a tiny door in this garden. Who is it for?

There are some great resources online to help you.

Visit www.gardenforlife.org.uk for 9 downloadable 'How to...' guides for gardening and helpful links.

There are some great tips on Gardening with children from the BBC.

Here's Anthony from Butterfly Conservation with his tip for a good plant choice.

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