Eco-Schools Twilight Webinars 2021/2022

Interactive one to two hour sessions to support Eco-Coordinators to deliver Eco-Schools in their context.  Register your free place below to receive the link to join the session. (It's important that you register ahead so you receive the link on time).

Currently, we are listing dates for the Autumn and Winter terms.  Courses will be repeated in the Spring and Summer terms and dates will be posted near to Christmas.

Eco-Schools Basics: Get started with the Eco-Schools programme and how it can be run in your context.

Eco-Schools Basics: Processes and Tasks
13th January 2022
A general introduction to the Eco-Schools Scotland programme, and a look at the online platform where you will need to upload your evidence when applying for a Green Flag Award.

Eco-Schools Basics: Drafting an Action Plan

19th January 2022

How to make the most out of your Eco-Schools Action Plan

Eco-Schools Basics: Measuring, Monitoring and Evaluating
28th September 2021, 25th January 2022
The importance of the scientific method in your Eco-Schools work, how to measure and monitor actions and how to facilitate the process of reflection that will help your pupils to evaluate their results.

Take Eco-Schools Further: How to use our other projects and campaigns to take your Eco-Schools work further.

Take Eco-Schools Further: Young Reporters for the Environment
2nd November 2021

Give committed pupils the opportunity to have their voice heard on environmental issues that matter to them. Young Reporters is a natural extension to Eco-Schools for individual pupils to write a report, take a photograph or make a video reporting on the environment.

Eco-Schools Topics: Sessions on individual topics with ideas for every context.

Litter & Waste
3rd November 2021
Our core Eco-Schools Topic newly combined with Waste Minimisation. Covers litter, flytipping, graffiti and dog fouling. Must be one of the three Topics covered in order to achieve Green Flag Award status. 

Climate Action
9th November 2021
Climate Action is now its own separate topic to highlight the importance in fighting climate change. 

Health & Wellbeing
10th November 2021
How our Health & Wellbeing Topic fits the HWB curricular area and the broad variety of actions it covers.

Food & the Environment
11th November 2021
Our Food & the Environment Topic covers a broad variety of actions including growing, food waste and sustainable consumption.

16th November 2021
Transport is often thought of as a tricky Topic but it covers Air Quality, sustainable consumption and public transportation as well as active travel.

17th November 2021
Making space for wildlife and learning about habitats in your school grounds and community.

School Grounds
18th November 2021
The easiest first step to taking learning outdoors is in your own school grounds. Lots of examples of outdoor learning and school grounds development, as well as curricular links. 

Global Citizenship
23rd November 2021
How to link all the other projects your school is involved in to your Eco-Schools work and take advantage of the international network of Eco-Schools National Operators to make connections with a school in another country.

24th November 2021
Water is vital to the survival of life on our planet, and something we quite often take for granted in rainy Scotland!

25th November 2021
Sustainable consumption as well as an opportunity to start a conversation about the move to a low carbon economy.

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