There are currently 276 schools registered with the Eco-Schools programme in the Highland area.

School NameLocationPostcodeGreen Flag Award
Abernethy Primary SchoolInverness-shirePH25 3ED
Acharacle Primary SchoolArdnamurchanPH36 4JU
Achiltibuie Pre-SchoolAchiltibuieIV26 2TF
Achiltibuie Primary SchoolUllapoolIV26 2YG
Aldourie Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 6DP
Alness AcademyAlnessIV17 0UY
Alvie Primary SchoolKingussiePH21 1ND
An CalaFort WilliamPH33 6AN
Ankerville House NurseryTainIV19 1BH
Ankerville Nursery AlnessAlnessIV17 0PG
Applecross Primary SchoolApplecrossIV54 8LU
Ardersier Primary and Nursery SchoolArdersierIV2 7SW
Ardgour Primary SchoolFort WilliamPH33 7AB
Ardnamurchan High SchoolAcharaclePH36 4JA
Ardross NurseryArdrossIV17 0YQ
Ardross Primary SchoolAlnessIV17 0XW
Arisaig Primary SchoolLochaberPH39 4NH
Auchtertyre Primary & NurseryKyle of LochalshIV40 8EG
Auldearn Primary SchoolNairnIV12 5SX
Aviemore Community Children's GroupAviemorePH22 1RT
Aviemore Primary SchoolAviemorePH22 1SF
Avoch Primary SchoolAvochIV9 8PS
Badcaul PrimaryBy GarveIV23 2QY
Ballachulish Primary SchoolBallachulishPH49 4JQ
Balloch Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 7HQ
Balnain Primary SchoolDrumnadrochitIV63 6TJ
Banavie Primary SchoolFort WilliamPH33 7LX
Beauly Primary SchoolBeaulyIV4 7DG
Ben Wyvis Primary SchoolConon BridgeIV7 8BE
Bishop Eden's Primary SchoolInvernessIV3 5HX
Black Isle Education CentreNear FortroseIV10 8SN
Bonar Bridge Primary SchoolArdgayIV24 3AP
Bower Busy Bees Pre-SchoolBowerKW1 4TT
Bower Primary SchoolBy WickKW1 4TT
Bridgend Education CentreAlnessIV17 0ST
Bridgend Primary SchoolAlnessIV17 0QA
Broadford Primary SchoolBroadfordIV49 9AQ
Brora PlaygroupBroraKW9 6PF
Brora PlaygroupDurnessIV27 4PN
Brora Primary SchoolBroraKW9 6PF
Bualnaluib Primary SchoolInvernessIV22 2JH
Bun-sgoil Ghaidhlig Inbhir NisInvernessIV2 6BA
Bun-sgoil Ghaidhlig Loch AbarFort WilliamPH33 7JE
Bun-sgoil ShleiteIsle of SkyeIV44 8RF
Canisbay SchoolWickKW1 4YH
Canna PrimaryMallaigPH4 4RS
Cannich Bridge Primary SchoolBeaulyIV4 7LN
Caol Primary SchoolFort WilliamPH33 7DP
Carbost Primary SchoolIsle of SkyeIV47 8SR
Carrbridge Primary SchoolCarrbridgePH23 3AS
Castletown PlaygroupBy ThursoKW14 8UA
Castletown PrimaryCaithnessKW14 8UA
Cauldeen Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 4HZ
Cawdor Primary SchoolNr NairnIV12 5XZ
Central Primary SchoolInvernessIV3 5DW
Charleston AcademyInvernessIV3 6ET
Claremont NurseryInvernessIV2 4JY
Coulhill Primary SchoolAlnessIV17 0RD
Country Bumpkins NurseryInvernessIV2 7QP
Cradlehall NurseryInvernessIV2 5WD
Cradlehall PlaygroupInvernessIV2 5FX
Cradlehall Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 5RG
Craighill Primary SchoolTainIV19 1EU
Croileagan Inbhir NarainnNairnIV12 4BQ
Croileagan Inbhir PheofharainDingwallIV15 9JZ
Croileagan Inbhir TheorsaThursoKW14 8QB
Cromarty Childcare Centre PlaygroupCromartyIV11 8XQ
Cromarty Primary SchoolCromartyIV11 8XR
Crossroads Primary SchoolBy ThursoKW14 8XP
Crown Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 3JT
Croy Primary SchoolCroyIV2 5PG
Culbokie Primary SchoolDingwallIV7 8JH
Culloden AcademyINVERNESSIV2 7JZ
Culloden Pre-SchoolCullodenIV2 7LL
Dalneigh Primary SchoolInvernessIV3 5AU
Daviot Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 5XL
Deshar Primary SchoolBoat of GartenPH24 3BU
Dingwall AcademyDingwallIV15 9LT
Dingwall Children's NurseryDingwallIV15 9XB
Dingwall DucklingsDingwallIV15 9PW
Dingwall Primary SchoolDingwallIV15 9UU
Dochgarroch Primary SchoolInvernessIV3 8JG
Dornoch AcademyDornochIV25 3HR
Dornoch Primary SchoolDornochIV25 3HR
Drakies Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 3SG
Drummond SchoolInvernessIV2 4NZ
Dunbeath Pre-SchoolDunbeathKW6 6ED
Dunbeath Primary SchoolCaithnessKW6 6EY
Duncan Forbes Primary SchoolCullodenIV2 7NY
Dunvegan Primary SchoolIsle of SkyeIV55 8GU
Durness Pre-SchoolDurnessIV27 4PN
Durness Primary Schoolby LairgIV27 4PN
Duror Primary SchoolAppinPA38 4BW
Edderton Primary SchoolBy TainIV19 1LN
Edinbane Primary SchoolIsle of SkyeIV51 9PW
Eigg Primary SchoolIsle of EiggPH42 4RL
Elgol Pre-School CentreElgolIV49 9BJ
Elgol Primary SchoolIsle of SkyeIV49 9BJ
Evanton PlaygroupEvantonIV16 9YU
Family Centre Nursery MerkinchMerkinchIV3 8AD
Farr High SchoolBy ThursoKW14 7SS
Farr Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 6XJ
Farr Primary SchoolThursoKW14 7SS
Ferintosh Primary Schoolby DingwallIV7 8HZ
Fliperz Daycare NurseryInvernessIV3 8BL
Fortrose AcademyFortroseIV10 8TW
Fortrose Pre-SchoolFortroseIV10 8TJ
Foyers Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 6XU
Gairloch High SchoolGAIRLOCHIV21 2BY
Gairloch Primary SchoolGairlochIV21 2BP
Gergask Primary SchoolBy NewtonmorePH20 1AH
Gledfield PrimaryArdgayIV24 3BN
Glen Urquhart Childcare CentreDrumnadrochitIV63 6XA
Glen Urquhart High SchoolDrumnadrochitIV63 6XA
Glencoe Primary SchoolBallachulishPH49 4HP
Glenelg Primary SchoolBy KyleIV40 8LA
Glenurquhart Primary SchoolInvernessIV63 6UT
Golspie High SchoolGolspieKW10 6RF
Golspie PlaygroupGolspieKW10 6RF
Golspie Primary SchoolGolspieKW10 6RW
Grantown Grammar SchoolGrantown On SpeyPH26 3HU
Grantown PlaygroupGrantown On SpeyPH26 3HX
Grantown Primary SchoolGrantown on SpeyPH26 3HZ
Green Tree NurseryInvernessIV2 7NP
Halkirk PlaygroupHalkirkKW12 6YN
Halkirk Primary SchoolHalkirkKW12 6XN
Helmsdale Primary SchoolHelmsdaleKW8 6JW
Hill of Fearn Primary SchoolHill of FearnIV20 1SU
Hilton of Cadboll PrimaryTainIV20 1XR
Hilton Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 4TP
Holm Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 4YL
Inshes Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 3RF
Inver Primary SchoolTainIV20 1RX
Invergarry Primary SchoolInverness-shirePH35 4HG
Invergordon AcademyInvergordonIV18 0LD
Inverie Primary SchoolKnoydartPH41 4PL
Inverlochy Primary SchoolFort WilliamPH33 6LS
Inverness College UHI Early Learning and Childcare CentreInvernessIV2 5NA
Inverness High SchoolInvernessIV3 5DZ
Inverness Royal AcademyInvernessIV2 6RE
Junior World Childcare GroupNairnIV12 4QB
Keiss Primary SchoolCaithnessKW1 4XB
Kilchoan Primary SchoolBy AcharaclePH36 4LH
Kilchuimen AcademyFort AugustusPH32 4DL
Kilchuimen Primary SchoolFort AugustusPH32 4DL
Kilcoy Kindergarten (North)Muir of OrdIV6 7SF
Kilcoy Kindergarten (South)Muir of OrdIV6 7RT
Kilmallie PlaygroupFort WilliamPH33 7JL
Kilmuir Primary SchoolPortreeIV51 9UB
Kiltearn Primary SchoolEvantonIV16 9UT
Kincraig Under 5s PlaygroupKincraigPH21 1NA
Kingussie High SchoolKingussiePH21 1ES
Kingussie Primary SchoolKingussiePH21 1EN
Kinlochbervie High SchoolKinlochbervieIV27 4RG
Kinlochbervie Pre-SchoolSutherlandIV27 4RZ
Kinlochbervie Primary SchoolKinlochbervieIV27 4RG
Kinlochewe Primary SchoolIncherilIV22 2PA
Kinlochleven High SchoolKinlochlevenPH50 4QH
Kinlochleven Primary SchoolKinlochlevenPH50 4QH
Kinmylies Primary SchoolInvernessIV3 8PB
Kirkhill Primary SchoolInvernessIV5 7NX
Knockbreck Primary SchoolIsle of SkyeIV55 8GP
Knockbreck Primary SchoolTainIV19 1BL
Kyle Primary SchoolKyle of LochalshIV40 8LG
Kyleakin Primary SchoolKyleakinIV41 8PH
Lady Lovat Primary SchoolMorarPH40 4PA
Lairg Primary SchoolLairgIV27 4DD
Les Enfants NurseryInvernessIV2 3TW
Les Enfants Nursery WesthillInvernessIV2 5FT
Limetree Children's NurseryInvernessIV3 5AU
Little Angels NurseryDingwallIV15 9XL
Little Learners Nursery & Daycare CentreFort WilliamPH33 6JD
Loch Duich Primary SchoolKyle of LochalshIV40 8DL
Lochaber High SchoolFort WilliamPH33 7ND
Lochaline Pre-School CentreMorvenPA34 5XT
Lochaline Primary SchoolBy ObanPA34 5XT
Lochardil Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 4LB
Lochcarron PlaygroupStrathcarronIV54 8YH
Lochcarron Primary SchoolStrathcarronIV54 8YS
Lochinver Early Learning CentreLochinverIV27 4LR
Lochinver Primary SchoolSutherlandIV27 4LF
Lundavra Primary SchoolFort WilliamPH33 6JN
Lybster SchoolLybsterKW3 6BJ
Macdiarmid Primary Schoolnr PortreeIV51 9PD
Mallaig High SchoolMallaigPH41 4RG
Mallaig Primary SchoolMallaigPH41 4QX
Marybank Primary SchoolMuir of OrdIV6 7UN
Melvich PrimaryMelvichKW14 7YL
Merkinch Primary SchoolInvernessIV3 8HY
Millbank Primary SchoolNairnIV12 4QB
Millburn AcademyInvernessIV2 3QR
Miller Academy Primary SchoolThursoKW14 7DH
Milton of Leys Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 6HF
Milton Primary SchoolInvergordonIV18 0PX
Mount Pleasant Primary SchoolThursoKW14 8HL
Muck Primary SchoolMallaigPH41 2RP
Muir of Ord PlaygroupMuir of OrdIV6 7SX
Muirtown Primary SchoolInvernessIV3 8LU
Mulbuie Primary SchoolMuir of OrdIV6 7RB
Munlochy Pre-School CentreMunlochyIV8 8NL
Munlochy Primary SchoolMunlochyIV8 8NL
Nairn AcademyNairnIV12 4RD
Nessie's Nippers NurseryInverness IV2 6TT
Nevis Bank Nursery & Daycare CentreFort WilliamPH33 6LY
Nevis Centre Day NurseryFort WilliamPH33 6AN
Newmore Primary SchoolInvergordonIV18 0PG
Newton Park Primary SchoolWickKW1 5ND
Newtonmore Primary SchoolNewtonmorePH20 1DN
Norlin PlaygroupWickKW1 4DT
North Kessock PrimaryInvernessIV1 3WX
Noss Primary SchoolWickKW1 4DT
Obsdale Primary SchoolAlnessIV17 0TP
Park Primary SchoolInvergordonIV18 0HA
Pennyland Primary SchoolThursoKW1 4TL
Pink Panther PlaygroupInvernessIV2 4YL
Playden NurseryThursoKW14 7DG
Playpen NurseryInvernessIV2 3UL
Plockton High SchoolPlocktonIV52 8TR
Plockton Primary SchoolPlocktonIV52 8TP
Poolewe Primary SchoolAchnasheenIV22 2LA
Portree High SchoolPortreeIV51 9ET
Portree NurseryPortreeIV51 9BW
Portree Primary SchoolIsle of SkyeIV51 9PH
Raasay Primary SchoolBy KyleIV40 8NU
Raigmore Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 3UG
Reay Primary SchoolThursoKW14 7RE
Reay Under 5'sThursoKW14 7RN
Resolis Primary SchoolBy DingwallIV7 8LJ
Rogart Primary SchoolSutherlandIV28 3XF
Rosebank Primary SchoolNairnIV12 4RB
Rosehall PrimaryLairgIV27 4EU
Rum Primary SchoolMallaigPH43 4RR
Scallywags NurseryThursoKW14 8XP
Scoraig Primary SchoolWester RossIV23 2RE
Scourie NurseryLairgIV27 4RG
Scourie Primary SchoolLairgIV27 4TG
Shieldaig Primary SchoolInvernessIV54 8XN
Smithton Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 7PD
South Lodge Primary SchoolInvergordonIV18 0LW
Spean Bridge Primary SchoolFort WilliamPH34 4EU
St Bride's Primary SchoolBy Fort WilliamPH33 6SA
St Clement's SchoolDingwallIV15 9JZ
St Columba's RC Primary SchoolFort WilliamPH33 7DS
St Duthus SchoolTainIV19 1ED
St John's Pre-SchoolInvernessIV2 3BG
St Joseph's RC Primary SchoolInvernessIV3 5DG
Staffin Primary SchoolPortreeIV51 9HZ
Stepping Stones NurseryTainIV19 1AU
Stramash Outdoor Nursery - Fort WilliamFort WilliamPH33 6TQ
Strathconon Primary Schoolby Muir-of-OrdIV6 7QQ
Strathdearn Daycare CentreInvernessIV13 7YN
Strathdearn Primary SchoolInvernessIV13 7YN
Stratherrick Primary SchoolInvernessIV2 6UJ
Strathgarve Primary SchoolGarveIV23 2PR
Strathpeffer Primary SchoolStrathpefferIV14 9AG
Strontian Primary SchoolBy AcharaclePH36 4HZ
Struan Primary SchoolIsle of SkyeIV56 8FB
Tain Royal AcademyTainIV19 1PS
Tarbat Old Primary SchoolEasterrossIV20 1YA
Tarradale Primary SchoolMuir of OrdIV6 7SU
Teanassie Primary SchoolBy BeaulyIV4 7AG
The Bridge Education CentreInvernessIV1 1SG
The Kindergarten Day NurseryInvernessIV3 5PG
Thrumster PrimaryBy WickKW3 6AS
Thurso High SchoolCaithnessKW14 7DS
Tiny Tots NurseryBallochIV2 7HP
Tomnacross Primary SchoolBeaulyIV4 7HW
Tongue Pre-SchoolBy-LairgIV27 4XD
Tongue Primary Schoolby LairgIV27 4XL
Tore Primary Schoolby Muir-of-OrdIV6 7SA
Ullapool High SchoolUllapoolIV26 2UN
Ullapool Primary SchoolUllapoolIV26 2UE
Watten ELCWickKW1 5XN
Watten Primary SchoolBy WickKW1 5YJ
Wick High SchoolWickKW1 5LT
Wimberley Estate ChildcareInvernessIV2 3YB

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