Water is something many people in Scotland take for granted. We use it for drinking and washing, for industry and agriculture and for making almost everything you could think of. Water is vital to the survival of life on our planet, but clean water is becoming an increasingly rare and valuable commodity.


Eco-Schools At Home Activities

Water Calculators Activity

Many people think that since it rains in Scotland all the time, there is no need to avoid wasting water, but saving water helps to save energy.  Have a look at how much water your household uses and see if there are ways you could cut down your use.

How much water could you save?

Water Filter Activity

We are going to learn about how polluted water is filtered to make it drinkable and you will get a chance to filter your own polluted water to make it as clean as possible with very little work.

Build your own water filter

Featured Resources

Eco-Schools Curricular Map - Water Topic

Our revised curricular maps showing Experiences and Outcomes related to the Water Topic.

Download the curricular map for Water

Ocean Plastics Live Lesson with Doug Allan

Wildlife photographer, cameraman and Upstream Battle Ambassador Doug Allan hosted two live lessons on his work filming shows like Blue Planet, his thoughts on marine litter and answering questions from pupils.  

Watch again here

World's Largest Lesson - Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

World’s Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action. Download lesson plans, comics and other resources on food to use in your classroom.

Download lesson plans on Goal 6

Marine Plastic Resources

Upstream Battle - Keep Scotland Beautiful

Coming soon - a showcase campaign focusing on the Clyde to stop marine litter at its source.  Sign up for campaign updates and help stop litter's journey from source to sea.

Join the Upstream Battle

Cool Seas Explorers (Primary) - Marine Conservation Society

Explore a range of primary learning outlines. Designed to be delivered as one lesson or over a series of lessons, enabling flexibility to suit different settings, and divided into younger years (roughly 5 - 7 years) and older years (roughly 7 – 11 years).

Explore and download teaching resources

Cool Seas Investigators (Secondary) - Marine Conservation Society

Cool Seas Investigators (CSI) projects engage students aged 10-16 years in key marine conservation issues. Each project involves young people analysing data, working collaboratively and generating solutions to a real-world issue, which has both local and global significance. Includes the Unflushables - A project developed by the MCS in conjunction with Keep Scotland Beautiful and Zero Waste Scotland, to target the issue of sanitary waste reaching our beaches.

Explore and download teaching resources

The Facts About Plastic - Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans Foundation engages people of all ages, in all social situations, to understand the danger of continuing to perceive plastic to be disposable.  Plastic Oceans tackles this issue through an awareness campaign using film and media – including the documentary feature film, A Plastic Ocean and accompanying resources including The Plastic Inside Us Toolkit and a high level science review for A Plastic Ocean.

Download resources on ocean plastics from Plastic Oceans

Water and Equality Resources

Clean Water for All - The World's Largest Lesson

World’s Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action. Clean Water for All is a free downloadable lesson plan for Science and Geography that examines global inequality of access to clean water.  Best for ages 8-14.

Download Clean Water for All from The World's Largest Lesson

Scottish Water - Education Resources

Early, First, Second, Third and Fourth level modules are available to download here to support learning and teaching for the school curriculum in Scotland. Find out lots of interesting things about water, learn more about the water cycle, saving water, and play Scottish Water's new education games: Pipeline Challenge, Clean it Up and Pumping Station.

Browse education resources from Scottish Water

Toilet Twinning - Flush Away Poverty

In 47 countries, less than half the population has access to a proper toilet. By donating £60 to twin your toilet, you help those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy. Learn about unequal access to sanitation and what must be done to make a difference.

Find out more about Toilet Twinning and download educational resources on sanitation.

Global Action Plan UK - Water Explorer 

Encourages students aged 8-14 from 11 countries to take bold and powerful action to save our precious water through fun, interactive water saving Missions. Supported by our WESSA Eco-Schools friends in South Africa.

Have a look at how you can save water in your school with Water Explorer

Water and Climate Change Resources

SEPA - Flooding Education Resources

Resources to use with your class to talk about flood risk, climate change and emergency preparedness.  Includes animations, presentations, and visits from Flood Advisors. 

Visit SEPA website to look at resources and learn more about flooding in your area.

Zero Waste Scotland - Schools Resource Efficiency Programme

Learn how to save energy and money in schools, with this e-module for teachers. Test your eco-knowhow and swot up on solutions – from scrap paper to switch-offs to setting up an eco-group.

Visit the Resource Efficiency E-Module

Zero Waste Scotland - Resource Efficiency Guide for Schools

A resource guide to complement the Resource Efficiency E-Module for educators.  Assess and improve your use of Energy, Waste and Water and use Zero Waste Scotland's report card templates to track your progress.

Download the Resource Efficiency Guide

Water Case Studies

Case Study - Linnvale Primary School

The Eco-Committee at Linnvale Primary School chose Water as one of their topics and planned lots of activities including a whole school focus week. They also made good ties to Litter and their other chosen topic, Health and Well-Being.  Read more.

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