Seasonal Map Activity

Suitable for: Early Years, Primary, Secondary   

Did you know 37% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transport?

You'll need:
• Pen or pencil
• Paper

• Colouring pencils, pens or paints, phone/camera, Google Maps

Our plan for this activity is to create a map of all the different environments in your local area.

Mild: When you are out for your daily exercise near your home see how many kinds of spring flowers you can spot. How many insects and birds can you see? When you get back home, decide with your family, which area near your home makes you the happiest and why – has the amount of natural life influenced your choice? Take a picture or video of the kinds of things you see on your journey.

Medium: Draw a map of the streets and roads that surround your home. Whilst you are out on your daily exercise, try to spot as many signs of spring as possible. When you come home, add these to your map. If possible, take photos of the flowers and animals you spot and use them to help you with creating your map.

Spicy: Being at home, not seeing friends and family often can be worrying and stressful. Take some time to create a spring break walk around your local neighbourhood. Produce a guide for your walk – this could be a recording or a written guide, include a map detailing interesting sights and picturesque scenery. Share your walk with friends and family.

Extension: One of the positive benefits from lockdown is that people are rediscovering the joy of sustainable transport: walking, cycling, scooting, and jogging. Help to promote the benefits of these modes of transport by creating an advert for your chosen type of transport. Your advert might be a poster, flyer, or video – It’s up to you! When you have created your advert make sure to share with friends, family and Eco-Committee members.

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