Waste Collection Services

Suitable for: Early Years, Primary    

As Scotland adapts to Coronavirus, and some of us help by staying at home, many others are helping by continuing with their essential work. Some of these jobs involve the collection of waste and recycling produced by households, and the collection of waste and litter from bins and roadsides. Can you imagine what the impact would be on all of us if these services were withdrawn?

You'll need:

  • Paper
  • Coloured pencils 
  • Tape


Mild: Make a sign that includes: a drawing of a bin lorry, people collecting your bin, a rainbow, and a big THANK YOU. You can add as many other things as you would like. With the help of an adult, stick it on the top of your bin, so they can see how grateful you are for their important job. Make sure it won’t fly away!

Medium: Don’t you think that people risking their health for us all should have a special recognition? Write a persuasive letter to your Council, where you can express why the waste collection workers do such an important job and how grateful you are. Think of a special type of recognition or prize you would like them to have as a thank you for their hard work, and persuade your council in the letter on the prize you think they should get and why that one is the best prize.

Spicy: Find about, through asking any older people you know and searching on internet, how did it use to be in Scotland before the local authorities had a service of collection of waste in towns and cities. Where did it use to go? What did people use to do with their waste? What do you think was the main type of waste households produced? Make a list comparing before and after waste collection.

Extension: What could you do?  Think of ways you, your Eco-Committee and your school could show support and acknowledgment to your local waste collection workers.

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