Children's Rights Activity

Suitable for: Early Years, Primary

What is a Global Citizen? A Global Citizen is someone who:

  • is aware of the wider world and has a sense of their own role as a world citizen.
  • respects and values diversity.
  • has an understanding of how the world works.
  • is outraged by social injustice.
  • participates in the community at a range of levels, from the local to the global.
  • is willing to act to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place.
  • takes responsibility for their actions.

You'll need:

  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil 

Follow the link below to watch a short video about Adline, who lives in Haiti. https://vimeo.com/143596528

We are going to explore the idea of Children’s Rights. Discuss with an adult in your house about what basic needs and rights are. “Rights are things every child should have or be able to do."

Answer all these questions in whatever you think is best, a video, a poster, an essay etc. Be as creative as possible.

  • What rights have you lost since the Coronavirus started? What does it feel like not to be able to go to school or play in the park? Explore the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).


  • Did you like the film? Did you learn anything new from the film? How did the film make you feel?


  • If you had to leave home quickly, what would you take with you? Essentials such as: warm jacket, Passport / ID, scissors, phone, toothbrush, torch, money, matches, photo or boots. Things you might you need to leave behind: a pet, computer, toys.


  • Why do you think the film was made like this?


  • What do you think is important for a good quality of life?


What do you have in common with Adline?

Spicy: In addition to the task above, you can also learn more about Haiti and Scotland in this task.

Approximately 80% of Haiti's people live in extreme poverty, 10% of children born in Haiti do not live past the age of five and only 10% of Haiti's children go to primary school. How do the statistics about Haiti above compare to child poverty rates in Scotland?

Extension: Why not explore Haiti with an adult or learning partner – take a look at the country profile. Lots of people do not know that Haiti and the Dominican Republic are two parts of the same island, with about 10 million people in each. Why is it that so many people go on luxury holidays to the Dominican Republic, but Haiti is so poor?

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