Eco-Schools Energy Savers

Suitable for: Early Years, Primary, Secondary   

Did you know?  According to the Scottish Government, a target of 50% of all of Scotland’s Energy for heat, transport and electricity will be supplied from renewable sources. As of 2017, we are currently at 20% - an increase from 16% in 2016.

You'll need:

  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper


  • Colouring pencils, pens or paints, phone or camera

Mild: Your task is to investigate how much energy you use each day. If you have a smart meter, find out why you use more energy during these peak hours. If you don’t have a smart meter then take a meter reading when you wake up and then another reading at the same time the next day in order to work out how much energy you’ve used in 24 hours. Record this through pictures/short video/drawings.

Medium: In addition to the mild task, you will need to try and reduce the energy usage in your house, if any devices are left on when not in use, switch them off. Compare your energy usage every 24 hours to see if your energy saving efforts have worked. Record this through pictures/short video/drawings.

Spicy:  In addition to both the mild and medium tasks, you must work with an adult in your house to find out who supplies your energy and what sources of energy they use. Would it be cheaper to switch to a ‘green energy’ supplier? Record this through pictures/short video/drawings.

Extension: Spend 2 hours of your day using no electricity. Write a short story to record what you did and how you felt, was it easy or Difficult? Why? Could you do it for longer?

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