Energy is something we use every day in Scotland, but how many of us know where it comes from, or how is it produced?  Our increasing reliance on technology means we are using more electricity than ever before, while worldwide one in five people still lacks access to modern electricity.  For example, just 9% of Malawi’s 15.9 million people have access to the electricity grid

Eco-Schools At Home Activities

Energy Investigators - #EcoSchoolsAtHome

Understanding of where energy comes from and how not to waste it is key to reducing our carbon emissions. How Scotland and all other countries choose to change to a low carbon/clean energy future is extremely important to the success of combating climate change.

Investigate your energy use.

Energy Savers Activity - #EcoSchoolsAtHome

Sometimes it is easy to forget that leaving a light or tv on when we leave the room has impacts on the environments. If we could all reduce our energy usage to only what we need rather than wasting energy, then that would significantly reduce our carbon emissions.

How much energy could you save?

Featured Resources

Eco-Schools Curricular Map - Energy Topic

Our revised curricular maps showing Experiences and Outcomes related to the Energy Topic. 

Download the curricular map for Energy

Low Carbon Skills

These film resources have been made by pupils in schools across Scotland.  Find out why it’s so important to know where products come from and why many businesses are trying lower their carbon footprint.  These films will perhaps encourage your pupils to take action and make better consumer and life-style choices.

Watch Low Carbon Skills films and download teaching resources

Climate Challenge Fund - Energy Efficiency

The Climate Challenge Fund supports projects that involve energy efficiency. These projects aim to reduce carbon emissions from energy use by working with households in their community to reduce energy use. Projects can help households install energy efficiency measures, promote locally sourced wood fuel, promote home renewable technologies and reduce energy consumption through behaviour change.  

Have a look at some Energy case studies or find a CCF funded group in your community.

EDF Energy - The Pod

The Pod is EDF Energy’s award winning education programme, and is an interactive website for teachers, community group leaders and children. It has free lesson plans, practical activities, assemblies, films, games and information, all with cross curricular links.

Have a look at Energy resources on The Pod

World's Largest Lesson - Goal 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

World’s Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action. Download lesson plans, comics and other resources on energy to use in your classroom.

Download the Lesson Plan

World's Largest Lesson: Energy and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

A free, downloadable classroom activity for 8-11 year olds for Geography and Science examining the link between sustainable energy production and poverty reduction.

Download the classroom activity

Young People's Trust for the Environment - Energy Factsheet

The Young People's Trust for the Environment is a charity set up to encourage young people's understanding of the environment.  They have produced some brilliant resources including this factsheet on Energy including various forms energy can take and the story behind humans, energy, fuel and the environment.

Download Energy factsheet

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